AAG Policies and Procedures

Alumni Advisory Group Policies and Procedures

1. Mission and Description

The mandate of the Alumni Advisory Group (AAG), which was established at the invitation of the College president, is to support the mission, values, and philosophy of Hampshire College by building ongoing alumni engagement, supporting the College in achieving its fundraising goals, and through its members acting as ambassadors for Hampshire. The AAG works to establish, maintain, and build mutually beneficial and lifelong connections among alums, and in so doing strengthens alumni leadership as a College resource.

1.1. The AAG functions by advising the office of alumni and family relations (AFR) on its projects and events.  Members also work as volunteers on projects and organizing events run by AFR and other offices within the College as requested. The AAG helps to recruit other alums to participate in events and to support the College, financially and through volunteer activities.

The director of alumni and family relations serves as the primary staff liaison to the AAG, and is responsible for working with the AAG to ensure activities are aligned with the mission and goals of the College, and making decisions about the use of College funds and resources (including staff time). The director will facilitate connection between the AAG and the College President, chief advancement officer, and other senior administrators as needed. The elected alumni trustees, as ex-officio AAG members, facilitate communication between the AAG and the board of trustees.

2. Composition of the AAG

2.1. Regular members

There will be between 13 and 17 members of the AAG representing the alumni body, including in terms of geography, decade of attendance, diversity, and other criteria stated in this document.

2.2. Ex officio members

Both elected alumni trustees, and the director of alumni and family relations (AFR), will be voting ex officio members.

2.3. Chair of the AAG

The chair of the AAG is elected by a vote of the members. If no member self-nominates, the director of AFR will nominate a member. The chair will serve for two years, and be eligible to serve additional terms as chair as voted by the membership.

2.4. Committee chairs

Committee chairs will be appointed by the chair, based on volunteers from the AAG membership.

2.5. Secretary

A staff person from AFR will serve as secretary (non-voting) to the AAG.

3. Eligibility for Membership

3.1.  Regular members

Alumni Advisory Group members must be Hampshire graduates or “alums of record” (those who attended the College for at least two full years).

Candidates should:

  • Commit to a three-year term
  • Demonstrate a strong affinity for the College
  • Be able to articulate the effect Hampshire has had on their lives
  • Show a history of connection to the College
  • Have experience of leadership at Hampshire and/or in the context of another community

3.2. Candidate Selection Criteria

  • Complement current AAG body makeup.
  • Efforts will be made to ensure representation of alums in terms of geography (especially representing areas with large numbers of Hampshire alums), decade of attendance, and other identities, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, and financial status.
  • The AAG supports and will endeavor to reflect in its membership the College's Commitment to Diversity.
  • Volunteer leadership with other institutions
  • Engagement with the College
  • Relevant professional, volunteer, and educational experience
  • Skills useful to the AAG mission
  • Commitment to serving the expected tenure of the AAG term.

4. Terms of Office

Terms will be three years, with a chance for one renewal; after two terms of consecutive service, members need to take a break of one year before being able to rejoin the AAG. Terms of members will be staggered so that approximately one third of member terms will end annually.

5. Returning Members

Members who left the AAG in good standing may apply to rejoin after a one-year break in service.

6. Vacancies

If an AAG member leaves their position on the committee prior to the fulfillment of the term, the Nominations and Procedures Committee, in coordination with AFR, will propose candidates to fill the balance of that term. Once the balance of the open term is complete, the member will be eligible to renew for one full three-year term pending annual review process by the chair. The Nominations and Procedures Committee may recommend leaving the position open for the remainder of the term.

7. Annual Evaluations

  • Self-evaluations will be completed by all AAG members on an annual basis in time for the annual meeting.
  • The evaluations will be held in confidence by the chair, the director of AFR, the secretary, and the Nominations and Procedures Committee.
  • The evaluations will be reviewed by the chair, who may interview members to discuss their commitment for renewal. Evaluations will be based around the member responsibilities in section 10, below.
  • Finally, the self-evaluations will be given to the Nominations and Procedures Committee for review.
  • Should any members be deemed not to be meeting their responsibilities, the AAG chair, and in consultation with the full AAG or a selected committee of AAG representatives, will ask them to resign their positions.

8. Resignation

Any member of the AAG may resign at any time by giving written/electronic notice of such resignation to the chair. Failure to attend two consecutive AAG meetings, by phone, electronic means, or in person, without informing the director of AFR or the AAG chair, shall result in a default resignation of AAG membership.

9. Compensation

Members of the AAG serve without compensation but may be reimbursed by alumni and family relations for pre-authorized expenditures.

10. Responsibilities

10.1 Regular Members

Mandatory Responsibilities:

  • Participate in a majority of AAG meetings
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Make an annual gift to the Hampshire Fund and support the college during fund drives
  • Attend at least two on-campus events over the three-year term
  • Promote Hampshire in their social and professional circles
  • Send an updated bio to the secretary of the AAG annually (or as needed)
  • Help organize and recruit attendees for reunions and on-campus events as requested by AFR
  • Keep current on Hampshire news

Additional Suggested Responsibilities:

  • Be an active participant in all AFR and college questionnaires and communications (e.g., website and Non Satis Scire)
  • Recruit at least five alums (non–AAG members) per year to update their information and to write class notes
  • Volunteer for Hampshire programs when possible
  • Attend a majority of Hampshire events in their geographical area
  • Participate in the various social media Hampshire uses
  • Make Hampshire College prominent on their resumes/CVs

10.2 Director of Alumni and Family Relations (role as related to AAG)

  • Serves as primary liaison with all offices of the College
  • Represents the College and its needs to the AAG. Works with the chair to create meeting agendas, provides necessary background information and meeting documents, and ensures that appropriate College staff are engaged to further AAG mission and projects. Ensures that the responsibilities of the secretary of the AAG are fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Participates in all full AAG meetings
  • Assigns staff liaisons to work with committees
  • Responsible for budgetary matters and/or reimbursements related to AAG activities
  • Works with the AAG chair to orient new members
  • Serves as tie-breaker vote if needed

10.3 Chair of the AAG

All the responsibilities of regular members and:

  • Chairs all general AAG meetings
  • With the AFR director, creates agendas for AAG meetings
  • May call special meetings of the AAG, as needed
  • Serves as an ex officio member of all committees
  • Is de facto committee chair should there be a vacancy
  • Establishes any ad hoc committees as deemed appropriate in consultation with the director of AFR
  • Conducts annual member evaluations
  • Serves as primary spokesperson of the AAG and all of its achievements
  • Is an active volunteer for the Hampshire Fund
  • Serves as spokesperson for the AAG at College events and as needed
  • Assists in recruitment and selection of committee chairs and all others who will serve
  • Acts as liaison with AFR between quarterly meetings

10.4 Committee Chairs

All the responsibilities of regular members and:

  • Chairs their committee meetings
  • Works with staff liaison to schedule meetings and create agendas
  • May call special meetings of their committee as needed
  • Gives a committee report at each general AAG meeting (either written or oral)

10.5 Secretary

  • Records and distributes minutes of the AAG meetings
  • Works with the AAG chair and the director of AFR to schedule meetings of AAG and committees
  • Arranges for communication technology such as conference call software prior to each meeting
  • Prepares and distributes meeting packets prior to all meetings
  • Maintains all AAG records
  • Is a member of the AFR staff

11. Meetings

There will be at least four regular meetings of the AAG per year. At least one of the quarterly meetings will be scheduled during major on-campus events. All meetings will have teleconferencing options; the AAG will attempt to minimize costs by providing room and board for AAG attendees so that all members can attend at least one meeting annually in person.

12. Voting Procedures

Quorum is defined as fifty percent plus one of all regular, non-ex officio AAG members. Regular motions and decisions of the AAG shall be determined by consensus whenever possible. In the event that consensus cannot be reached and a vote is needed, motions and decisions shall pass if fifty percent plus one of those voting are in favor. If needed in voting, the AFR director will serve as tiebreaker.

13. Elections Process

  • Nominations and self-nominations will be accepted electronically throughout the year by the secretary, who will forward them to the chair of the Nominations & Procedures Committee and the director of AFR, to be held in confidence until the election process.
  • The Nominations process will begin in January so that new members can be determined in advance of the annual meeting. Determinations will be made with sufficient time to facilitate new members joining the annual meeting in June.
  • The director of AFR and the AAG secretary will work with Advancement Services to collect data on prospective members.
  • The director of AFR, after consulting with the Nominations and Procedures Committee chair and the AAG chair, will conduct a preliminary interview of candidates to ensure there are no conflicts of interest or other practical concerns.
  • The Nominations and Procedures Committee will conduct a preliminary review of the nominations to narrow down the candidate pool to a maximum of three per vacancy. The Nominations and Procedures Committee chair will interview candidates before submitting them to full AAG for review.
  • The chair of the Nominations and Procedures Committee will distribute the information to all AAG members and facilitate a process to approve new members.
  • If there is a tie among candidates, the chair of the Nominations and Procedures Committee and the AAG chair will make the final decision.
  • The director of AFR and the AAG chair will be responsible for orientation of all new members.

14. Standing Committees (and corresponding charges)

Standing committees and charges may be altered as agreed upon by the membership, chair, and director of AFR. Committee members need not be members of the full AAG. Each committee, in consultation with the AAG chair and director of AFR, may determine the number of non-AAG members it will have.

§ AAG Nominations & Procedures: Recommend clear, transparent procedures for AAG membership renewal, member duties, and other procedures. Review member nominations annually and recommend new members to the AAG.

§  Elected Alumni Trustee Nominations: On a biannual basis, support promotion of alumni trustee election, review nominees for the position of elected alumni trustee and propose slate to the Trusteeship and Governance Committee of the board of trustees.

15. Ad hoc committees and working groups

Ad hoc committees and working groups may be established for projects as identified by the AAG, in partnership with AFR. The director of AFR and the AAG chair shall approve the establishment of any such proposed committees or ad hoc groups, and define their scope and task(s).

16. Amendments

The AAG will vote on any amendments to this document at the annual meeting. Once a quorum has been met, 75 percent (three-quarters) majority of those participating in the meeting is required to amend any procedure.