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January Term 2014

JANUARY TERM 2014: Monday, January 6-Thursday, January 16, 2014

 January Term Pre-Registration Begins        Mon., Nov 11, 2013
 Students Arrive  Sun, Jan 5, 2014
 January Term Begins                      Mon., Jan 6, 2014
 January Term Ends  Thurs., Jan 16, 2014  


As of January 2014, the length of the January Term precludes offering full academic courses. The College is instead expanding the January Term workshop curriculum, offering a full array of co-curricular academic workshops in 2014. A complete listing of these offerings will be available during the November preregistration period.

January Term workshops have been piloted over the past few years with demonstrated interest and success. Offering workshops during the January Term provides valuable opportunities for students and faculty to explore new ideas and interests or develop specific skills and experiences for current work and studies.

Please be aware that students will not be able to use January Term to make up regular academic courses to count towards Division I requirements, or to supplement other courses in their Division II portfolios. The January Term workshops are co-curricular* and can be listed as "learning activities" that may be included in the Division II portfolio with the approval of the students' committees and recorded on a student's academic record, if completed satisfactorily.

Five College students and community members will not be eligible to register for Hampshire January term workshops.

In addition to the on-campus offerings, the global education office (GEO) has several off-campus, short-term field courses listed on their web site at

Student-led activities during January Term 2014 will be listed on the Experimental Programs in Education and Community (EPEC) web page.



* Co-curricular courses offer opportunities for skills development, innovation, personal growth, and experience-based learning outside of the regular curriculum of the College. These courses meet on the same [calendar] schedule as academic courses, and require registration following the same procedures and deadlines. Co-curricular courses do not normally satisfy distributional or divisional requirements. They may, however, be considered for inclusion in a divisional portfolio and are otherwise additional resources that supplement the core curriculum.


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