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School of Cognitive Science

  Brain Matter
  ERP lab
  Hampshire's ERP (Event-Related Potential) lab is one of very few housed at an undergraduate college. 

Cognitive Science (CS) at Hampshire focuses on the study of mind, brain, behavior, and intelligent technologies. CS integrates ideas and methods from psychology, neuroscience, computer science, philosophy, linguistics, evolutionary biology, animal behavior, education, anthropology, and other fields.

Student and faculty work in CS draws on a number of programmatic areas:

»   Psychology and cognitive neuroscience
»   Computer science
»   Media arts and sciences
»   Philosophy
»   Animal behavior and evolution
»   Linguistics and languages
»   Game design and development
»   Education and child development
»   Sociology of communication and information

  Dean of Cognitive Science
  Laura Sizer
  Laura Sizer, dean of the School of Cognitive Science and associate professor of philosophy, specializes in the philosophy of mind and philosophy of psychology/cognitive science.

Members of the CS faculty pursue a wide range of  research and professional work, which provides students with extensive opportunities for hands-on projects, apprenticeships, and internships.

CS courses take on cutting edge topics and give students the knowledge and the writing and research skills to shape their concentrations and to initiate their own independent projects.

Hampshire’s undergraduate CS program was the first in the nation and has produced many distinguished alums.

Dean of Cognitive Science: 
Laura Sizer, associate professor of philosophy

Administrative Assistant: 
Paula Harmon


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