Media and Technology Learning Collaborative

How do technologies shape our relationships to the world? Tools, books, computers, videos, and gene-editing techniques are just a few of the influences that have radically changed the way we live. Inside the Media and Technology Learning Collaborative, you’ll study the ways in which media and technology act as agents of positive change, and question how to address the ethical, political, social, and economic problems they pose.

The LC in Action

The first-year seminar The Sound of Life: Observation, Art, and Ecology examined the idea of a soundscape—an environment of sounds with emphasis on the way it is perceived, understood, and inhabited by individuals, groups, societies, or non-humans. Students and faculty addressed questions such as: How is a landscape organized and transformed by sound? How is noise pollution impacting ecosystems, organisms, and human health, and communities? In what ways do observation, deep listening, and critical listening enhance our understanding of the world?

Led by Five College Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Serena Aurora Himmelfarb, Professor of Music Daniel Warner, Assistant Professor of Plant Science Blair McLaughlin, and Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology John Castorino, students drew from the fields of sound art, eco-musicology, acoustic and soundscape ecology, physics, and environmental art, and more.