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Considering Early Decision?

Applying early is the best way to show us your interest, and knowing our decision earlier will give you plenty of time to poster your bedroom with Hampshire swag.

What are the benefits of applying Early?

There are two major benefits to applying early. One is the knowledge and relief in having a decision months before the Regular Decision plan. You’ll have time to talk with family, visit campus, and appeal your financial aid award, if necessary. The other benefit is demonstrated interest in Hampshire. The admissions office does take your demonstrated interest into account, as we want to create a community of students who are enthusiastic about making Hampshire their home. Other ways to demonstrate interest include visiting campus, attending an on-campus event, interviewing with a counselor or Division III student, submitting supplementary admissions materials, and communicating with your admissions counselor. 

There are two ways to apply early: Early Decision and Early Action. If you submit your financial aid paperwork by the application deadline, you will receive your financial aid award along with your decision letter.

Early Decision

Early Decision is a binding early plan. Those accepted under the Early Decision plan must withdraw all applications to other colleges and commit themselves to attend Hampshire. The one caveat is financial aid; if our package is not sufficient to allow you to attend, you may be released from the Early Decision plan. All Early Decision applicants are required to fill out the Early Decision Agreement through the Common Application.

Early Action

Early Action is a non-binding decision plan;  if you are accepted to Hampshire under Early Action you may continue to submit applications to other colleges.

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