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Elizabeth Dorrell

Lizzy Dorrell, Associate Director of AD Marketing & Communications Specialist

Associate Director of Admissions, Communications and Marketing Specialist
Degree: B.A., Hampshire College
Originally from: Newnan, Georgia

Title of my Division III Project: The Tomorrow Project: Collaborative Theatre and Adaptation

Why I love working at Hampshire: The people! Hampshire students (and faculty, and staff) are some of the most driven, zany, and surprising people I've ever met. I learn something new every day.

Piece of advice in the college admissions process: Don't make any assumptions! If you're amazing at something, tell us. The more information I have, the more informed I am in helping you.

Best-kept secret at Hampshire: The Media Basement in the library—anyone can use it to edit a video, make sound recordings, or even play around on the green screen equipment.

A random fact about me: I was on my high school drum line!

Favorite books: The Blind Assassin, The Devil in the White City, Welcome to the Monkey House, and anything Harry Potter-related.

Shows I'm binge-watching: 30 Rock, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Office, and Freaks and Geeks.

Favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley: The Quarters in Hadley—it's an arcade and restaurant with old school video games, Tetris-shaped tater tots, and a great trivia night.

A skill I'm trying to learn: Trying to learn the ukulele and the German language.

My favorite way to procrastinate: Take a bike ride! I recently got a road bike and love taking the trails around the area.

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