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Lucas Ospina

Lucas Ospina

Lucas Ospina found the inspiration to pursue his passions from his fellow Hampshire College students. "I came to Hampshire and met people who encouraged and inspired me, " he recalls. "Physically, and figuratively, the campus is really conducive to learning."

Ospina, who just finished his first year, has immersed himself in film studies. "Before coming to Hampshire, I wanted to do documentary film. Then, I got really into analog filmmaking, and bought my own 16 mm camera," he says.

In addition to film, a class called "Rethinking Childhood" that Ospina took with Professor of Childhood Studies Rachel Conrad piqued his interest in poetry. "{The class} got me thinking about my childhood from a poetic perspective, and I've been writing a lot of poetry since."

Ospina is considering many possibilities for his Division II studies, including a project that combines the literary and filmic studies he worked with in his first year. "I've never done screenwriting," he says, pointing to that as a potential way to combine the two. "I want to combine film and words, literally, to try and find the qualities of one in the other."

"I definitely am reserving a period of time for myself to experiment with different forms."


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