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Peter Nguyen

Hometown: : Los Angeles, California

Sometimes you can spot a Hampshire student when they're still in high school.

Peter Nguyen

Sometimes you can spot a Hampshire student when they're still in high school. "My English teacher, who was a mentor to me, noticed that I was very self-motivated in my work," recalls first-year student Peter Nguyen. "She also saw that I didn't really have a defining forte in any subject; I just loved them all.

"She recommended Hampshire College to me, saying that it was the perfect place for me—a setting where I can study exactly what I want to without being bound by a traditional, set path."

It was a great recommendation, and he enrolled. Despite the initial "culture shock" of transitioning from high school to Hampshire, Nguyen was captivated from the first.

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His tutorial was Cognitive Science Fiction, taught by Professor of Computer Science Lee Spector. The class used science fiction as a framework for looking at real cognitive science and computer technology. Nguyen was thrilled: "Who knew you could analyze science fiction in an academic setting?"

But his favorite class was Introduction to Writing, taught by Writing Center Co-Director Will Ryan. The class is a rigorous survey of every writing style imaginable, from scientific articles to fiction, that leaves students with competency in all of them. "It was one of the best classes I have ever taken," says Nguyen. "I highly recommend it to any student—writing concentrations or not!"

For his Division II concentration, Nguyen plans to "fuse biology with astronomy and/or journalism."

"I would also love to throw in a little psychology and music in there," he adds, "but check in with me about that in about a year. I'm just focused on finishing Div I at the moment."


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