Rene Mallia Cruz

 Rene Mallia Cruz

Admissions Counselor
Degree: B.A., Hampshire College
Originally from: New York, NY
Territories: Maryland; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Virginia; Washington, D.C.


Why I love working at Hampshire: I love working at Hampshire because I love being able to introduce our alternative academic structure, one that helped me find my passions, to people all over the country.

Title of my Division III project: Dominicans Forgotten by History: Palo and Dominican Identity

Piece of advice in the college admissions process: Be yourself. Especially at Hampshire, we want to get to know you as a person, not just a student.

A random fact about me: When I was applying for college I thought I was going to major in math. I ended up concentrating in ethnomusicology and economics.

Favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley: Mount Pollux, only two miles off-campus, is my favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley, with an amazing view of some of the Five College Consortium.

Nothing will ever take the place of an experience.
Not even this website.
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