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Student Interns and Tour Guides

Andrew McDonaldName: Andrew McDonald

Pronouns: He/Him

Home: Durham, NH

Concentration: Political Islam and Geopolitical Conflict in the Middle East

Why did you choose Hampshire? I chose Hampshire because the students I interacted with were so deeply passionate about their studies; people were constantly talking with each other about what they were studying, how they were studying it, and, most importantly, how they were going to make a difference.

Have you taken any courses in the Consortium? I've really enjoyed taking classes at Mount Holyoke; two of my favorites so far have been Nationalism in Global Politics (Professor Kavita Khory) and Political Islam (Professor Sohail Hashmi).

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? It's kind of an unpopular pick, but I've been living in Greenfield for a while now and I love it: best pizza in western Mass, hands down!

Name: Phoenix WilliamsHampshire seal

Pronouns: He/Him

Home: Boston, MA

Concentration: Pre-Vet

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? Dramatizing and Deconstructing Children's Literature

What clubs are you in? Gender Resource Network, Dutch Belted EPEC (a student-taught course), Cooking Club, and FundCom.


Emmett DuPontName: Emmett DuPont

Pronouns: They/Them

Home: Canterbury, CT

Concentration: Public Health and Sex Education

Why did you choose Hampshire? I am an unschooler, which means before Hampshire, I didn't attend school, have classes, take tests, or get grades. Unlike homeschoolers, my parents didn't decide what I was going to learn about, and I was never subjected to a curriculum. When I became college-age, I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to attend college but couldn't find any college that suited my free-spirited, self-motivated, grade-free, and autodidactic learning style. When I found Hampshire, I knew it was a perfect fit, and luckily, Hampshire admissions agreed.

What do you imagine doing after Hampshire? After Hampshire, I hope to either pursue my M.S.W. at Smith College, or teach human sexuality and sex education. I also plan to live on a commune with several of my friends from Hampshire, where we hope to emulate the communal housing experience we've had in the mods at Hampshire.

Fiona BlackName: Fiona Black

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: New York, NY/ Wilton, CT

Concentration: Creative Beginnings: How Artistic Child Development Correlates Alongside the History of Art

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? My favorite class here has been Modernity and the Avant-Gardes.

Have you taken any courses in the Consortium? I've taken two psych courses at Mount Holyoke and an African Art History course at Amherst.


Lindsay MoonName: Lindsay Moon

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Vermont

Concentration: Expression Through Adornment and Silver

I am a transfer student rising into my fourth year of college and second year of Hampshire. To understand how we express ourselves in many different ways through adornment, I am doing a number of independent studies working on my own designs for jewelry pieces and researching how past cultures have jewelry or other forms of adornment to express a sense of self, traditions, race, gender, and age. This involves undertaking my own independent jewelry studies, where I make many pieces working primarily with silver, bronze, and stones, as well as anthropological and design theory courses.

One Thing I Love About Hampshire: The passionate community and the freedom to study what I love. There is no jewelry-making program at Hampshire, but they have encouraged and supported me to still study what I am passionate about.

Heather WeltyName: Heather Welty

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: New Bedford, MA

Concentration: Cognitive Neuroscience and Creative Writing

What clubs are you in? Cutest Little Freaks in the Universe (one of Hampshire's improv comedy troupes!)

What do you imagine doing after Hampshire? I want to study how the brain develops as people grow and learn, so I hope to work with children and infants studying brain development and psychology.

Lena DeutschName: Lena Deutsch

Pronouns: They/Them

Home: New York, NY

Concentration: “Mid-East Studies and Environmental Sciences”

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? Israel and Palestine, the Clash of Nationalisms. Also, Water in a Changing Climate. Both have been so formative to my studies and concentration at Hampshire.

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? Pita Pocket! It's run by the nicest family, and the food is amazing.

What do you do to procrastinate? I like to bike! Great hills here. Or I make lists of everything I should be doing.

Allie SimardName: Allie Simard

Pronouns: They/Them

Home: Belchertown, MA

Concentration: Theatre and Studio Art

Why did you choose Hampshire: I chose Hampshire mostly because of its lack of confining majors. I didn't know what I wanted to end up doing and wanted more time to explore my options. Also, my high school had narrative evaluations, and I was not into having letter or number grades.

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? Comedy as an Artistic Strategy with Sara Rafferty! This course examines how we can use the concept of humor and comedic history as influences in our art making. This course changed my studies completely, and along with being my favorite Hampshire course, it is the most important class I have taken in college. Sara Rafferty doesn't teach this class very often, so it was a real privilege to be in it.

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? The Smith College Botanical Garden! A great spot year-round, but in March they have their annual bulb show and it's spectacular.

Zack MetzName: Zack Metz

Pronouns: He/Him

Home: Holyoke, MA

Concentration: Japanese Language and Anthropology

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? J-Pop and Beyond was an ethnomusicology class I took my first year that examined post-war Japanese music trends in relation to the cultural shifts within Japan and how music itself morphed the culture.

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? Most likely Haymarket Cafe in Northampton. I still consider it the best place to get smoothies, even after living in the area for 20 years.

What's Hampshire's best-kept secret? The raccoon and opossum population gather nightly under the Greenwich mods to plan a takeover of the farm.

Zara Cannon-MohammedName: Zara Cannon-Mohammed

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Swarthmore, PA

Concentration: The Neuroscience of Sex Differences and the History of Gender Stereotypes

Have you taken any courses in the Consortium? I have taken multiple classes through the Consortium and plan to take one at each of the Five Colleges before I graduate. My favorite Five College class so far has been Art, Politics, and Propaganda in Twentieth Century Europe.

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? Jake's in Northampton, because they have the world's best breakfast potatoes!

What do you imagine doing after Hampshire? I plan to do research in neuroscience before going to grad school for mental health counseling and becoming a therapist with a private practice.

Amye GulezianName: Amye Gulezian

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Takoma Park, MD

Concentration: Heritage Dairy Cow Management

What clubs are you in? I am the signer for the Hampshire Francophones, where we watch French movies, talk about pop culture, listen to French music, and even cook meals together! I am also involved with FundCom; we help distribute money to all the student groups, and any student on campus can be involved and know what's going on.

What do you imagine doing after Hampshire? I imagine myself working as a farm manager or cheese maker at a small farm with heritage breeds. Or as a farm consultant to help give people start-up or create their own farm business. I hope to work in the dairy industry and raise awareness about the importance of heritage breeds like the Dutch Belted that we have here at Hampshire.

Emery PowellName: Emery Powell

Pronouns: They/Them

Home: Brooklyn, NY

Concentration: Linguistic anthropology with a focus on refugee identity and Arabic

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? The Animal Behavior class that I took my first semester really goes to show you just how hands-on Hampshire is. We used the Hampshire Farm and the surrounding woods to conduct semester-long research experiments on a species and population of our choice. I worked with the farm's chickens and ended up discovering that there is a direct correlation between a rooster's dominance and how often hens will peck at their neck (their "wattle"). I was tossed into the field doing research in a subject that I'd never studied before, and I ended up contributing something interesting and completely novel to the discourse of the behavioral sciences.

Have you taken any classes in the Consortium? If so, what? Modern Standard Arabic 201 and 202 at Amherst College, both taught by the amazing Alaa Razeq, whom I now work with as a teaching assistant for Elementary Arabic at Hampshire. I also take a conversation session-based class in Moroccan Arabic through the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages (check out their website, you can't help but be impressed by the course listings!)

Hampshire sealName: Ben Fitts

Pronouns: He/Him

Home: Bronx, NY

Concentration: Music/Musicology

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? Jazz Ensemble

Have you taken any classes in the Consortium? If so, what? Big Band Jazz at Mount Holyoke and Music Composition at Smith.

What's Hampshire's best-kept secret? The cool art deep in the woods.

Hampshire sealName: Dess Wilson

Pronouns: They/Them

Home: Brooklyn, NY

Concentration: Children's Drama and Psychology

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? So far my favorite class would have to be my tutorial class, which was named Dramatic Play to Creative Drama. I loved the class because I got to have a hands-on experience at working with actual children early on in my Hampshire career.

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? I love to visit NoHo (Northampton) on the weekends with my friends. Noho reminds me of New York City in a way because there's always so many people there along with so many places to eat and shop around.

What's Hampshire's best-kept secret? It's not a secret, but people really don't take advantage of midnight pancakes on Fridays. It's life changing.

Hampshire sealName: Sheila Brown

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Ithaca, NY

Concentration: Reproductive Justice and Holistic Health

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? CSI-0215: From Choice to Justice: The Politics of the Abortion Debate Professor: Marlene Fried.

Have you taken any classes in the Consortium? If so, what? Herbal Approaches to Women's Health and Ceramics at the University of Massachusetts.

Dawaun HardyName: Dawaun Hardy

Pronouns: He/Him

Home: Boston, MA

Concentration: Truth and Deception

What's Hampshire's best-kept secret? Some nights, the Hampshire cows sneak into dorms and tip students over.

What do you do to procrastinate? Beatbox, Play piano, or think about when I should post my next Instagram photo.


Hampshire sealName: Carrie Grossman

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Concentration: Environmental Education through Visual and Culinary Arts

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? One restaurant I am very fond of is The Lone Wolf. It is the best breakfast and brunch place I have found probably in my life, and is also incredibly accommodating. They have gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options. One of my New Year's resolutions last year was to try something new everyday, so every time I go to The Lone Wolf I try a new dish, but I think my favorite is the multigrain pancakes. I hope I didn't just give away the East Coast's biggest secret!!

Why did you choose Hampshire? During the summer after my junior year of high school, my mom and I flew out to New York City to get my sister situated at Pratt Institute. We figured while we were on the East Coast, we might as well look at schools for myself. We were driving from the Boston area back down to New York to visit another school. My mom repeatedly told me she thought we should drive by Hampshire but I was not incredibly excited about the idea, after visiting so many schools in the past couple days, but I agreed. As we pulled up to campus, the wild flowers being the first thing we saw, my mom and I both felt this overwhelming feeling of emotions--excited, nostalgic, happy, sad, love--everything! We both started bawling our eyes out. This was the feeling I had been looking for at all the other campuses I visited. I had not felt like this with any other place I had ever been. I had this feeling as if this is where I was meant to be but also like I had been there my entire life. I chose to attend because it was the only college I visited that felt like home, and because I knew I would share similar core values and interests with my classmates.

Hampshire sealName: Aly Albertson

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Burlington, VT

Concentration: Undecided

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? My favorite class at Hampshire so far has been Hip Hop Education and the New Liberation. I didn’t know what to anticipate when I enrolled in this course; in fact, I enrolled in it on a whim. I could not be more thrilled that I decided to take this course. I ended up learning more about music that I love and how to use it as a platform for social and societal change. I got to look at hip hop through one of the most important and broken systems in our country, schools. I also was able to look at music, race, and education through an interdisciplinary interactive lens. It was by far one of the most engaging interesting courses I’ve ever taken.

Why did you choose Hampshire? I had an incredibly difficult time finding a college I wanted to go to. The second I arrived on Hampshire campus, I knew it was the school for me. I chose Hampshire because it’s a school that understands that I am an individual with unique ideas, needs, and passions. The biggest factor in my choice to apply to Hampshire was the collaborative, supportive environment that was created for students to grow and learn.

Hampshire sealName: Rhys MacArthur

Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them

Home: Philadelphia, PA

Concentration: Sustainable Living

What do you imagine doing after Hampshire? I imagine that I might end up consulting with businesses about how to not only bring sustainability into their business model and make it a priority within their company, but also how to market that as a selling point to their target audience and prospective clientele.

Why did you choose Hampshire? I chose Hampshire because the hands on approach to academics works incredibly well for me. I chose Hampshire because rather than asking me to regurgitate information, this college challenges me to think of how I would apply what I learn to the world we live in. Additionally I believe that no other school rises to meet each student, with just as much passion and commitment as the students have, to help fulfill their desires for incredible educational experiences that lead to innovative and ground-breaking ideas.

Aya RazzazName: Aya Razzaz

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Amman, Jordan

Concentration: Dance and Theater on the Middle East

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? Staging Graphic Novels

What clubs are you in? Relaxation Club and Piece of Peace


Lisa DarmetName: Lisa Darmet

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Paris, France

Concentration: Towards a more sustainable world: a study at the intersection of economics, social and political sciences

Have you taken any courses in the Consortium? If so, what? I have taken multiple classes in the Consortium: Spanish at Mount Holyoke, Knowledge, Politics and the Environment at Amherst College, and Environmental Economics at Smith College. All three classes were good experiences for me. I loved meeting new professors who were very willing to engage with the students and encountering new ways of learning.

Why did you choose Hampshire? I decided to come to Hampshire because of the freedom it offered me to choose not one major but be able to explore topics in a multidisciplinary approach. This freedom can be a little daunting at times but it is also thrilling to be in charge of one's own education.

Kyra KablerName: Kyra Kabler

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Boston, MA

Concentration: Animation/art/environmental science

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? One of my favorite classes at Hampshire was a multi-facetted lecture on climate change designed for first and second years: Innovations for Change. Our three wonderful professors along with over a dozen visiting speakers covered a new topic every week, including geological history, chemistry, ethics, and a wide range of sustainable solutions. Students also independently explored a topic of their choice. This class gave me hope for the future of the planet and inspired me to include more activism in my work at and beyond Hampshire.

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? I couldn't choose one specific spot in the Pioneer Valley, because there are so many beautiful places to be! There are endless trails and scenic areas; I would recommend exploring them all!

Hampshire sealName: Ben Stumpf

Pronouns: He/Him

Home: La Canada, CA

Concentration: Social and Political Theory

What was your admissions process like? While interested in and intrigued by Hampshire, it wasn't until my first tour that I fell in love with the college. Afterwards I knew it was the place for me. I applied early decision and spent quite some time perfecting my application. I'll always remember how excited I was when I heard back. (Spoiler: I got in).


What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? Amherst Books, an amazing local bookstore with one of the best philosophy sections ever.

Shelby SchwartzName: Shelby Schwartz

Pronouns: She/Her

Home: Sarasota, FL

Concentration: U.S. History and Creative Writing

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? One of my favorite spots in the Pioneer Valley is Raven Used Books in Northampton. I love all of the nooks and crannies, and how such a small space is stuffed with a variety of interesting and eclectic books. You never know what you’re going to find, and can easily lose track of time amongst the shelves!


Why did you choose Hampshire? I chose Hampshire because I fell in love with the idea of being responsible for the creation of my education. Hampshire’s system focuses on student’s personal growth, learning, and creativity. Rather than being confined to exams and letter grades, students receive invaluable feedback on papers and projects, allowing them to further develop their ability to read, write, and think both critically and analytically. I chose Hampshire because I knew its interdisciplinary structure would give me the opportunity to think outside of the box.


Josh SalzbergName: Josh Salzberg

Pronouns: They/Them

Home: Hopkinton, NH

Concentration: Poetry and Economics

What has been your favorite Hampshire class? Group Improvisation: Introduction to Creative Dance was probably my favorite class I've taken at Hampshire. It really changed the scope of my studies; by channeling communication through movement and the sound of my body, I was exposed to the strains bodies are put under. Since then, my studies have been considering how to alleviate the pain and restrictions that are placed on the body.

What's your favorite spot in the Pioneer Valley? I like the city of Amherst a lot! The coffee shops are pretty on point, and always busy, so if you're going there to work, it's nice to be swathed in a large group of people who are also there to get work done and are stressed out and drinking a lot of coffee or eating chocolate pastries, etc. I think the two coolest colleges to visit are the University of Massachusetts and Smith. It's really easy to wander around the University of Massachusetts, and find really amazing spots and services that you wouldn't know exist (like the Fabrication Shop!). Smith is really beautiful, and the botanical gardens are a great refuge in the winter. The people at Smith are also pretty outstanding, so I definitely suggest taking classes there and making friends.


At Hampshire College, we value self-expression and self-identification for all members of our community. Hampshire College expects that all members of our community will let people self-identify their gender and the gender pronouns they use to describe themselves.

Hampshire is a top producer of Fulbright Scholars

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The U.S. State Department and the Chronicle of Higher Education named Hampshire College a top producer of Fulbright Scholars for 2016-17.


"There are two reasons why Hampshire graduates achieve so much. One is the kind of person the college attracts. The other is what the college does for them by equipping them to become their own wide-ranging explorers and connection-seekers."

Loren Pope, Colleges that Change Lives (2006)

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