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Suhilah Booker

Suhilah Booker

Admissions Counselor
Degree: B.A., Hampshire College
Originally from: Bronx, NY
Territories: Illinois, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota


Why I love working at Hampshire: I love working at Hampshire because I get to experience the work that students produce which represents a thoughtful and creative process, resulting in original work; this work provides answers to questions I never knew I had!

Title of my Division III project: Creative Movement and Child Development: A Guide for Educators in Early Childhood Education

Piece of advice in the college admissions process: Don't be afraid to show us all of who you are!

A random fact about me: I'm obsessed with cheese. Chances are, if there's cheese in it, I'm going to eat it.

My favorite way to procrastinate: I love to pamper myself. I'll do my nails, a face mask, a special treatment for my hair. It's a nice, relaxing way to distract myself from other things.

Nothing will ever take the place of an experience.
Not even this website.
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