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Video Guide to Hampshire

Hampshire's Location

Location, Location, Location

Perhaps you've heard that our home, Amherst, Massachusetts, was voted one of the best college towns in America. In order to test this claim, we set up a rigorous scientific study on the subject.

More than a Campus

More than a Campus

Hampshire College is a member of the Five College consortium, one of the country's most exciting and active educational collaborations.

A student in a lab coat

More to Discover

What do DNA self-assembly, screenwriting, robotic creatures, neuroscience, and agricultural studies have in common? Hampshire students know the answer.

A Yellow Bike on Campus

Ten Green Things

From innovative research to forward-thinking decision making, environmental action and awareness are central parts of Hampshire College's culture.

Post-Graduation Plans, 2011

Post-Graduation Plans

Hampshire graduates are adaptable and original thinkers, and are well prepared to flourish in a constantly evolving world.

More than a Classroom

More than a Classroom

Over the last four years, Professor Chris Perry has created a sequence of animation courses at Hampshire that bring into the classroom interdisciplinary collaboration between studio artists, animators, filmmakers, composers, and computer scientists.

Residential Life at Hampshire

Residential Life

Learn about housing options in this quick overview of residential life at Hampshire.

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Colleges that Change Lives

Hampshire College is a member of Colleges that Change Lives, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process.

"There are two reasons why Hampshire graduates achieve so much. One is the kind of person the college attracts. The other is what the college does for them by equipping them to become their own wide-ranging explorers and connection-seekers." —Loren Pope, Colleges that Change Lives (2006)