After Hours Support Policy

Hampshire College is committed to making available critical telephone, network, and server resources to the college community 24/7 (excluding scheduled maintenance). IT staff will provide on-call support coverage in the event of unexpected failure or significant problems with critical resources during non-business hours which includes weekdays after 5 p.m., weekends, holidays, or any other time the college is closed.

IT support is available during non-business hours for major problems associated with the central telephone system, significant segments of the campus network impacting one or more buildings, and campus-wide servers used for email, the college's web site, Intranet, course websites, Colleague and WebAdvisor (TheHub), on-line evaluation system, staff and faculty file services, and DNS and LDAP services.

Resolution of any problem during non-business hours may be dependent upon the nature of the problem and the availability of resources or service and parts from third party vendors. IT will assess a reported problem and determine a reasonable resolution plan based upon the severity of the problem and resources required. IT will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. For a problem that requires more than four hours to resolve, a status message will be forwarded to the community; the medium will depend on the nature and type of system failure.

IT support for individual faculty or staff computers (related to hardware, operating system, application software including email, and remote network connectivity) or for computers in labs or classrooms is only available during business hours.

For any planned shutdown of any network resource, the community will be notified via email at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible.

IT staff may also provide support as needed at special events during non-business on a scheduled basis.

Reporting Procedure

For failures with any of the resources listed below during non-business hours, the switchboard operator should be contacted at 413.549.4600.

Telephone System

If the operator determines that the problem is a major alarm, the operator will contact the network manager. For other reported problems, the operator will notify the network manager by the next business day.


If the operator determines that the outage impacts major segments of the network on campus, the operator will contact the network manager or appointee. For other reported problems, the operator will notify the network manager by the next business day.

IT-Supported Servers

If the operator determines that one of the servers listed above is not operating, the operator will contact the senior systems administrator or his backup. If there is a problem specifically with the functionality of Colleague or WebAdvisor (TheHub), the operator will contact the database system developer or appointee.

If the operator cannot determine whether the problem is network or server-related, both the network manager and senior systems administrator or appointee will be contacted.