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Spotlight - Alumni

Hampshire Grads Launch Web Show

CommunicateHealth Cofounder Xanthi Scrimgeour 85F

Pale Cowboy: “Hampshire was a launching point”

ParaNorman Set Dresser Duncan Gillis

“MissBroadwayDork” Alex Heinen 02F

William Null 72F Named this Year's Elected Alumni Trustee

Tanja Hollander and the Art of Friendship

Brendan Toller Tells a Secret History of Rock and Roll

Richard Barber and The Whole Gritty City

Visual Effects Wizard Gregory Butler 89F

BESSIE Recipient Karinne Keithley 92F: “Stick with it.”

Alumni Profile: Environmentalist and Entrepreneur David Starr 75F

Hampshire Alums Show Independent Spirits

Alumni Profile: Film Composer Christopher Young 73F

Hampshire Grad Jonathan Wright Builds ‘Green Home of the Year’

Alumni Profile: Christopher Westhoff 01F and Mad River Theater

Alumni Profile: Yiddish Theater Scholar Debra Caplan 03F

Robert Lemelson 79F: Exploring New Directions and Building New Models

Alumni Profile: Roberta Uno Embarks on ‘Rigorous Exploration’

Alumni Profile: Film Producer Michael Peyser 71F

Eugene Mirman 92F Chosen as 2012 Commencement Speaker

Alumni Profile: Yiddish Book Center’s Aaron Lansky 73F

Alum Brings Thai Labor Leader to Hampshire

Alum Presenting at National Professional Conference

Leah Hager Cohen 85F: Finding a Story to Tell

Chuck Collins 79F Works to Close the Wealth Gap

Fulbright Recipient to Follow Venezuelan Elections

Jessica Hendrickson 02F: ‘Everything is integrated.’

Alumni Profile: Stephen Gifford’s Life in Pictures

Rhys Ernst 01S Named HBO Point Foundation Scholar

Jeff Sharlet 90F Wins MOLLY Journalism Prize

Roland Legiardi-Laura 70F: ‘Literacy is a Weapon’

A Network of Creative Alums

Marianne Lampke 77F: “Where One Thing Leads to Another”

A Business Based on Socially and Ecologically Sound Choices

Filmmaker Billy Luther Documents Heritage and Everyday Life

Alex Torpey 05F Files for Elected Office

Burning Calories or Extracting Oil from Algae, Conversion is Key

For Jeffrey Tuchman 73F, a Continuous Education

Academy Award Win for ‘Strangers No More’

Environmental Sculpture: Steven Siegel’s ‘Biography’

Award-Winning Filmmaker Fiona Otway 96F

Alumna Returns, Recycles ‘Green’ Knowledge for January Course

Academy Award Nomination, Sundance Films

How Vibhu Norby’s Division III Led Him to Work for MySpace

Literary journalism takes ‘heart, guts, wits’

Building a Space for Innovative Education

Alumni Profile: Tina Antolini Collects America’s Stories

Alumni Profile: Metalwork Meets a Need to Create

Reeve Thompson 93F: How Hampshire Prepared Me…

Commencement Speaker: Poet and Translator Peter Cole

National Book Critics Circle Award for Alumna Eula Biss

Alumna Awarded Michener Fellowship in Creative Writing

Lionel Claris: “What is a French intellectual?”

David Cantieni 73F & Wild Asparagus Perform at 40th Celebration

“I stood out because I went to Hampshire.”

Alumni Profile: International filmmaker and actress Lupita Nyong’o 03F

Jim Beloff 73F Wants to Make the Ukulele Cool Again

Our Distinguished Alumni Authors

Board Chair Roos Named to Super Lawyers List

Alumni Profile: Executive producer Victor Fresco 76F

Alumni Profile: Animal Behaviorist Alyssa Ward 94F

Alumna Profile: CEO Barri Blauvelt 70F

Alumni Profile: Linda Earle 70F, NY Arts Program

Alumni Profile: Sports Psychologist Nate Zinsser 74F

Reality TV as a Tool for Social Change

Alumni Profile: Video game developer Noah Falstein 75F

Alumni Profile: Larry Blume 81F

Hampshire Graduate Scott Gortikov

Alumni Profile: Picture Book Author Erica Perl 86F

Dr. Vanessa Northington Gamble 70F Honored by Medical Students

A Conductor of Laughter

Alumni Profile: Following New Directions

Lever for Change

Nancy Lord 70F Writer Laureate of Alaska

Alumni Profile: Musician Jim Tisdall 71F

Alumni Profile: Ellen Sturgis

Poet Peter Cole Reading

Alumni Profile: Sig Roos (73F), Chair Board of Trustees

Entrepreneurs Recognized

Reshaping the Face of Business

Art of Invention: Works by Tim Harkness

Hampshire Alumna Kate Browne 78F Builds Community Art

2010 Convocation Speech by Patricia Klindienst 71F

Mentoring & Collaboration Produce Award-Winning Film

Alumni Profile: An Education with Teeth

Christina Salway 00F: Redecorate, Reuse, Recycle

Alumni Profile: “It’s Hampshire. You can’t just do one thing.”

Christine Lindeman 80F Named Director of The Common School

Alumni Profile: Gerald Warburg 74S

Antolini, Tina - 2001F

Balaban, Ilicia - 2004F

Duffy, Denise - 1981F

Earle, Linda - 1970F

Fishman, Beth - 1976F

Fresco, Victor - 1976F

Henderson, Lily - 2002F

Hill, Benjamin Mako - 1999F

Holland, Rebecca - 1977F

Krasno, Eric - 1995F

Lord, Nancy - 1970F

McNamara, Kate - 1999F

Orleans, Jon - 1972F

Reiser, Will - 1999S

Ruttenberg, John - 1971F

Seidl, Amy - 1983F

Sussman, Anna - 1996F

Toller, Brendan - 2004F

Ward, Alyssa - 1994F

Zinsser, Nate - 1974F


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