1990-1999 (Entering Year)


We have been saddened to learn of the deaths of the following members of the Hampshire community.

If you would like more information, please contact us at alumni@hampshire.edu. We may be able to provide an obituary, or put you in touch with family or friends of the deceased.


David Hugh Crawford 90F Obituary published in the Wilson Times
Stacy Tyler Guess 90F Obituary published in the Orlando Sentinel on March 14, 1998
Rosa Haydee Martinez 90F  
Gia Virginia McGinley 90F Obituary published in the Courier-Post on October 4, 2011
Jessica Ann Pripstein 90F  
Justine Augusta Salton 90F Obituary published in the New York Times on October 31, 2005; information on Justine Salton Memorial Fund
Nathan James Vernon 90F  

Eddie Lee Blue 91F  Obituary published in the Selma Times-Journal on January 12, 2007
William B. Bonner 91F  
Danielle Lyn Faucher 91F  
Carol Lynn Pulito 91S  
Daniel Reich 91F Obituary published in the New York Times on April 15, 2013
Divina Dee Ward 91F  

Andrew Scott Berger 92S  
Jessica Anne Gill 92F  
Nicholas Lograsso 92F  
Kateren Spencer 92F  
Cristina Villoresi 92F  

Christopher Thomas Brock 93F  
Kristin Joan Collins 93F Obituary published on legacy.com
Lauren Elizabeth Eales 93F  
Brendan Terrance Moran 93F Obituary published in the Record/Herald News on September 27, 2008
Joshua Marc Reck 93F Information on Joshua Reck Memorial Endowed Fund.
Lily Rebecca Roden 93F Obituary in the Greensburg Daily News on June 19, 2014
Jason Aaron Small 93S  
Garth Paul Zenie 93F  

Andrew Ambler Nothnagle 94F  

Yana Filkovsky-Saito 95F  
Wesley D. Miller 95F Obituary published in the Republican on February 13, 2004
Ginger Kay Pearce 95F Obituary published in Dallas Morning News on November 25, 2005
Aaron Emmanuel Talbert 95F Obituary published in the Republican on January 28, 2004

Nicholas Hazard Edwards 96F  
Genevieve Anette Godbeer 96F  
Koji S. Kamada 96F  
Shaka E. Taylor-Harris 96S  

Mubukwanu Kakula 97F  Obituary published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette
Jacob McGuire Savage 97F  
Catharine Bell Wetteroth 97F Obituary on the Roy W. Barber Funeral website



Nicholas Demaio Harrity 99F  


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