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Planning Calendar for Hosting an Event

12 Weeks Prior to Event

  1. Set goals
    • Purpose
    • Attendance
    • Budget
  2. Prepare the various components
    • Publicity
    • Program planning
    • Decorations
    • Budget
  3. Reserve the location, caterer, and bar service
    • Contracts must be approved by the College
    • Don't forget audio/visual possibilities

8 Weeks Prior to Event

  1. Turn in written description of event and RSVP date to alumni relations so we can publish info on the website and include it in all publicity materials
  2. Invite, as appropriate, faculty or staff to participate

6 Weeks Prior to Event

  1. Alumni relations sends out event announcements
  2. Recruit some volunteers to spread the word and help at the event
  3. Contact your local AAG  member

3 Weeks Prior to Event

  1. Confirm space arrangements (tables, podiums, AV, etc.)
  2. Assign event duties and responsibilities
  3. Start making personal phone calls to encourage attendance

1 Week Prior to Event

  1. Designate a photographer (later, send photos to alumni relations so we can document your success!)
  2. If there's a program, review the agenda with the event emcee
  3. Receive all registration materials, including giveaways and name tags, from alumni relations
  4. Provide final count to event facility

3 Days Prior to Event

  1. Review all logistics with your contact at the site
  2. Prepare all materials to be brought to the event
  3. Print final RSVP list as provided by alumni relations

Day of the Event

  1. Arrive early (at least 30 minutes) to be sure the space is arranged properly and to acquaint yourself with the facilities
  2. Set up a table with name tags, sign-in sheets (pdf provided), and giveaway items, and make sure a volunteer is right there to distribute the items and to answer questions
  3. For larger events, set up this kind of table around the room to avoid congestion at the door, and make sure guests know how to find them!
  4. Have a prepared agenda for the entire event (optional)
  5. Take photos
  6. As the event draws to a close, consider having a volunteer sign-up sheet at the door to recruit future helpers
  7. Plan to stay for at least 30 minutes after the event to ensure successful guest departure and coordinate clean-up. Don't forget to take home the attendance list!


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