Apply for a FSA ID

  • Beginning on May 10, 2015, the FSA ID replaced the former federal PIN number used by students and parents to sign the FAFSA form, complete loan counseling, and sign promissory notes. All students (not including international students) and at least one parent listed on the student's FAFSA need a FSA ID for the financial aid application.
  • Learn more and apply for the FSA ID.
  • What to do if you forgot your FSA ID.
  • Be sure to record your FSA ID and keep it in a secure place. Keep your responses to the security questions in case your FSA ID is locked or becomes invalid. Never give your FSA ID to anyone.
  • You will need to provide an email address for your FSA ID. Your parents' FSA ID application cannot include the same email address provided on your FSA ID application.