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Information for Student Events

Planning your Event

One of campus leadership and activities' main goals is to assist individual students and student groups in planning events. We will support you through all of the necessary steps to hold an on-campus event.

Campus leadership and activities staff are available and eager to meet with you to discuss the logistics of planning your event, so please come to us with any questions you have. Call x6005 for office hours or email to schedule an appointment.

Event Registration

All student events require registration. Events held in residential locations require a party permit to be completed through your housing area office. Any event held outside a residential location, by a student group, and/or for which you are requesting funding must be approved by campus leadership and activities. For questions about registering an event, please contact

Events cannot take place prior to the first day of classes (orientation period) or beyond one week after classes end (graduation period). The student event cut-off date for the 2015 fall term is December 13.

ALCOHOL: For events involving alcohol, you must meet with the associate dean of students for campus leadership and activities, Gretchen, at least two weeks in advance of your event to discuss the alcohol service at the event. Email to make an appointment for an alcohol consultation.

Facility Request and Event Registration

Visit the newly redesigned event registration system to request and reserve a space with the event services and summer programs office and to register your event with campus leadership and activities. Once this form is completed, you will receive an email from the events services and summer programs office confirming your space reservation. 

Campus leadership and activities will review your request and email you either approving or denying your event. Please do not proceed with additional planning until you have received both confirmation emails, as this fully confirms your event.

All requests must be submitted by 4 p.m. at least two weeks (not including the day it's submitted) before your event. There are no exceptions to this policy. We encourage you to register the event more than ten days in advance, especially if you are planning to hold an event with a large number of attendees, off-campus performers, or where alcohol is served. This will allow us time to help you make the necessary arrangements, and to let you know if the event cannot happen for some reason. If the event cannot happen, you will then have adequate time to cancel/reschedule it.

If necessary, please be sure to contact media services as soon as your event is approved, at least one week prior to the event, to schedule equipment, technicians, and discuss service fees. Requests can be made by submitting the form found here:

Large Events

Events with an expected attendance of more than 200 individuals require consideration beyond the two week event-registration requirement. Campus leadership and activities will work in conjunction with student organizers in an attempt to accommodate large events. However, because each event may require unique considerations, each must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Hosting Conferences or Multiday Events

Students who want to hold a conference or multiday event on campus must do so in conjunction with campus leadership and activities. Conference planning requires a large amount of preparation and logistics. Considerations need to include: expected attendance of on- and off-campus individuals, parking and traffic, time of year, security, food, lodging, cost, location, setup, technical needs, conflicts, advertising, and guest registration.

Campus leadership and activities has guidelines that student organizers need to follow when planning a conference or multi-day event. Planning must begin at least four months in advance. Due to availability of campus resources, students and student groups are allowed to host only one conference or multi-day event a year. For information about additional requirements and planning procedures, please visit campus leadership and activities.

Important Change for Events

As of June 2011, the state of Massachusetts requires that a certified crowd manager attend events occurring in spaces with a capacity of 100 people or more. This impacts Red Barn and dining commons events; in particular those events with any form of amplified music. One crowd manager is required for all events in the Red Barn, and two crowd managers are required for events in the dining commons. There is a fee for hiring these professionals. Actual or projected attendance at your event does not eliminate you from having to hire a crowd manager; the requirement is based on the fire capacity of the space as dictated by the town of Amherst. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the crowd manager requirement.

Important Forms

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