Student Work in Cognitive Science

Hampshire's diverse cognitive science program serves students with interests in many areas, including psychology, philosophy, linguistics, biology, animal behavior, computer science, anthropology, education, child development, learning, digital multimedia, and the social effects of new information technology.

In the Spotlight: Bit Films

Hampshire College graduates Evan Viera 02F and Chris Bishop 00F spent more than three years developing and creating their 11-minute animated film Caldera. Much of Caldera was produced at Hampshire College in collaboration with Bit Films, an animation studio developed on campus by media arts and sciences professor Chris Perry that invites student involvement at all stages of a production. Production was made possible through Hampshire's computer graphics incubator program, a project Professor Perry launched to let students intern with visiting artists who are given access to the College's technological infrastructure. The film has won the Award of Distinction in the Prix Ars Electronica's computer animation category, one of the top prizes in the field.

"Without Hampshire and what it gave us, we wouldn't have been able to make this film," said Viera, who noted that more than 30 current students, alums, and others worked on Caldera over the years. Read more

Another production from Bit Films, The Incident at Tower 37, is a 10-minute animated film written and directed by Professor Chris Perry and collaboratively created with his Hampshire animation students over four years. The Incident at Tower 37 has already shown at more than 40 festivals and won numerous awards since it began its festival run in April 2009. Read more

More Student Work in Cognitive Science:

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Marco Carmosino says a lot of people are surprised to hear that he transferred to Hampshire to do what is, basically, math.

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Chemicals of Fear
Kate Mathis studied how Azteca ants protect our coffee.

Computer Collaboration
Getting computers to work together was the goal of Gabriel Tarasuk-Levin's final Hampshire project.

An Alternative Habitat
Cora Ann Johnston's eyes sparkle when she talks about juvenile blue crabs.

Evolutionary Robotics
Bradford Barr: "I give the robot a goal...and allow it to adapt to the situation."

Solving Email Overload
Vibhu Norby wants to make your life easier?at least, when it comes to your inbox.

Listening and the Brain
In his first semester as a student at Hampshire College, Mark Blumberg had an experience that would ultimately shape his academic career.

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