Commencement Staff

Commencement is organized collaboratively by a committee with representation from the following offices: Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, Event Services and Summer Programs, Campus Safety and Security, Office of Accessibilty Resources and Services, Media Services, Alumni and Family Relations, Communications, and Information Technology. Below is primary contact information.

Dean of Faculty Office

Call this office for issues regarding nominations for and election of the keynote speaker and other commencement participants, Div III presentations, diplomas, Div III titles, and the pronunciation of your name at the commencement ceremony. The Dean of Faculty Office is located on the first floor of the Cole Science Center.

Dean of Students Office

Call this office with general questions or questions regarding the commencement poster. The Dean of Students Office is located on the second floor of the Merrill Student Life Center.

Event Services and Summer Programs Office

Call this office regarding any questions related to the physical set-up under the commencement tent. The Event Services and Summer Programs Office is located in the basement of the Red Barn.