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Community Advocacy Staff

The department of community advocacy at Hampshire College promotes the well-being of the entire campus community; fosters connections across social identities and ideas; and engages in passionate and compassionate dialogue and programs. We support and provide resources for the holistic development of students with the goals of nourishing student initiatives; increasing awareness and appreciation of different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives; and encouraging understanding and mutual respect as we actively work towards social change. 

Community advocacy incorporates multicultural and international student services (and the Lebron-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center); queer services (and the Queer Community Alliance Center); spiritual life services (and the Spiritual Life Center); survivor support; wellness promotion (and the Wellness Center); and women's services (and the Center for Feminisms).

Multicultural and International Student Services

Dre Domingue, director for multicultural and international student services
Mail Code: SA

Queer Services and Women's Services

Emily Rimmer, director
Mail Code: SA
Phone: 413.559.5320

Spiritual Life

Liza Neal, director
Mail Code: SA
Phone: 413.559.5282

Ellen Bernstein, identity and praxis advisor
Mail Code: SA
Phone: 413.559.5282

Survivor Support

Shannon Da Silva, director of survivor support/title IX deputy coordinator for students
Mail Code: GE
Phone: 413.559.4510

Wellness Promotion

Phone: 413.559.5743

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