Using Intranet Announcements

The Intranet announcement system was developed to centralize all campus announcements and to reduce e-mails coming to your Inbox. The system has succeeded in achieving these two goals. We each get one digest of routine announcements per day, which can be quickly scanned for info that you need to know, instead of the 10 or more that would be generated if each announcement were sent in a separate e-mail.

To get the most out of the system:

  • Edit your preferences to display more than 10 announcements on a page, so on those busy days, you can view more of the new announcements at a glance. Click on the ”Change my Preferences” link at the bottom of the Intranet Home Page.
  • If you can't find an announcement you saw previously (like a past Tech Tip of the Week for example, or something you meant to get to sooner, but didn't), click “Next” at the bottom of the page to review previous announcements.

If you are posting an announcement, you can do your part to stem the tide of information overload.

  • Send announcements only to the group(s) to which it is useful. For example, few postings about student registration and courses need to be seen by staff, so limit these to students and faculty only.
  • Limit e-mail topic descriptions to 225 characters. (Use "Word Count" under the Tools menu in Microsoft Word.)  The system is designed to trim the brief description so that the e-mail is not excessively long, and readers can quickly scan to see which topics they want to learn more about.

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