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Newmisserver is Not a Backup Server

Newmisserver is intended as a sharing point for departmental files, but recently we've found a lot of personal computer backups on it. This is not the intended use of Newmisserver, and we do not guarantee that personal backup files on it will be maintained.

Specifically, Newmisserver is not to be used for backing up personal files, mail folders, music, or photos. Any such backups are considered inappropriate and are subject to deletion by IT staff without warning.

What to do if you've been using Newmisserver for backup
If you've been using Newmisserver to back up your personal files (emails, for instance), understand that we may remove your files. It's time to find a different solution. Here are three safe options, depending on how much you have to back up:

  • Backups of less than 2 GB can be stored on your home directory. For instructions on getting to your home directory see How to Backup Your Data .
  • Backups that won't fit on your home directory may fit on a DVD. DVDs hold about 4.3 gigabytes of data.
  • Larger backups may require an external hard drive, which come in all different sizes. We generally suggest 500 GB drives for backup, which run about $100.

For more information on backing up, see Backup Documents and Email.


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