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The Intranet, In Depth

The redesigned Intranet interface was rolled out in 2011. Have you noticed the new links and resources? Do you know about the portals? Here's a quick guide to some of the highlights, but you'll find plenty more when you start to explore.

At the top of the Intranet main page are a series of menus, including Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni. In addition to selecting items from the menus, you can click on the menu title (Students, for example) to go to a portal that contains links to sites of interest to that group of people. Check this out; you'll definitely find campus resources that you haven't seen before.

Quick Links
Along the right-hand side are a series of links to take you quickly to destinations you use regularly. You can remove items that you don't use by clicking on the "x" to the left, and use "add new link" to add links to pages you frequent. These can be any URL, so if you can't live without Pandora or Facebook, for instance, here's a spot to tuck the link.

On the left side you can access calendars listing upcoming events for various groups on campus. Click on "View Public Calendar" and select a calendar from the list. You can find CORC workshops; OPRA's courses and schedule; academic, student, faculty, and staff event calendars; and more--check it out!

Oh, and of course...

...on the lower right-hand side, recent tech tips and IT Announcements.


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