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Your "Home" Directory

Did you know that Hampshire IT provides all faculty and staff with server storage space? We call this your "home directory," and it includes a private space that requires your HampNet ID and password to access, as well as a public folder that can be accessed by anyone who can type in a URL.

Your home directory has a limit of 2.5 GB (gigabytes) of storage space, which it shares with your email. In other words, if your email takes up 1 GB then you would have 1.5 GB left for your home directory, and vice-versa.

Inside your home directory is a "mail" folder, which you should not directly edit, and also a public_html folder (your "public folder").

Your home directory may also be referred to as "staffhome" (for staff) or "fachome" (for faculty).

Connecting to staffhome or fachome on a Mac

  • From the Finder file menu, click on "Go," then "Connect to Server."
  • Type "staffhome" or "fachome" (without the quotes) in the server address field and then click "Connect."
  • Enter your HampNet username and password when prompted, then click "OK."
  • If you are presented with a choice of volumes, choose "home."
  • You will then see an icon on your desktop with the name of the volume you chose. Double click on it to access the server. If you don't see the icon, go to Finder→Preferences... and put a check mark next to "Connected Servers."

Connecting to staffhome or fachome on a PC

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Click on "Run."
  • Type "\\fachome" or "\\staffhome" (without the quotes), and click OK.
  • Enter your HampNet username and password when prompted, then click "OK"
  • When the window opens, choose the folder to which you have access.

Items you put on the "desktop" of your home directory will be accessible only through your login. This is a great place to back up important documents, so long as you don't exceed your quota. Do not put anything inside the mail folder--that should be managed only through webmail.

Anything you put in your public_html folder is accessible from the web by using the address , followed by your HampNet ID and another slash(/); my public_html folder is at , for instance.

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