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Tech Tips 2011

These Tech Tips are from 2011, in reverse chronological order--newest ones are on the top.

Tabbing through the Web Here's a quick tip for navigating through forms on the web--or anywhere else, for that matter.
Forwarding Email to Gmail or Other Mail Services Before heading off for winter break, you may want to set up your Hampshire email to be forwarded to another mail service, such as Gmail. It's quick and easy to do this.
Too Many Cookies for The Hub? We've heard from a few people receiving an error about too many browser cookies when logging into The Hub. We're working on a fix, but in the mean time it's easy to free up cookie space in your browser.
Can't Print? Check your Wireless Network If you're connected wirelessly and trying to access printing, servers, or Datatel, you've got to be on the "wallace" network.
Six Signs it's a Scam It must be phishing season--several examples of scam emails have come my way this week. Here are six clues to look for to figure out if it's legit Hampshire email.
Lessons Learned Chances are we all came up with things we wished we'd done before the snow came down last week--or things we're thankful that we did do! Here are some of ours.
Batteries need Exercise, too! Did you know that your computer battery needs a work out every now and then to stay in tip-top shape? Read on for details.
Patience is a Virtue... ...especially when dealing with computers! Sometime just waiting is all it takes to resolve a problem.
Opening Attachments in Thunderbird Do you have trouble opening email attachments in Thunderbird? It's quick and easy to fix some common glitches.
Firefox and its Many, Many Updates Have you noticed that Firefox is coming out with a new version every few weeks? Some issues may arise with these quick changes.
Updating your Thunderbird Address Book Thunderbird remembers email addresses of people you write to, adding them to the address book. But sometimes the information needs to be manually updated to stay current.
How to Get our Attention We know you're all extremely busy at this time of year, and we want to help you solve your computer problems as efficiently as possible! Choose the method that's right for your problem, and let us know what's up.
The Student Diagnostic Center For a nominal fee of absolutely nothing the Student Diagnostic Center staff will do their best to fix the problems that are making your computer unusable or unreliable.
Problems Getting Mail or Calendar on Wireless? Try NetReg We've reset the network registration information for the wireless "wallace" network, so you have to "netreg" every device that connects to wallace--including iPads and smart phones.
Perfecting your Thunderbird Signature Last week we explained how to set up an automatic signature in Thunderbird. Some people prefer not to have the two hyphens inserted before the signature. Here's how to get rid of them.
Create a Signature in Thunderbird If you're wondering how to set up your signature in Thunderbird, here you go.
Keep your Laptop Happy this Summer The Tech Tip is about to go on summer vacation. If you are, too, here are some tips for keeping your laptop in great condition, mentally and physically!
Check Out the New Announcement Features IT's web services team has been working on some changes to the Intranet announcement system. Take a quick read before you post your next announcement or event.
Changed your Password? Update your VPN! If you're a VPN user and recently changed your password, you'll have to update your VPN settings to reflect the new password. Here's how.
MacProtector? Not Exactly... We've seen a couple of cases this week of malware infections on a Mac. Along with instructions on getting rid of it, we've got some antivirus software to help you avoid this and future infections.
Renewed Malware Threats for Mac and PC This past week we've seen an uptick in malicious software: dialog boxes that interpret any interaction as an invitation to infect your computer. What can you do when any place you click is unsafe?
Buying a Computer with your Hampshire Discount (for Students)
The past couple of weeks we've given you some information to help with choosing the right computer to meet your needs. Here's the last little bit of info and instructions to use your Hampshire discount.
Buying a Computer with your Hampshire Discount (for Faculty and Staff)
The past couple of weeks we've given you some information to help with choosing the right computer to meet your needs. Here's the last little bit of info, and instructions to use your Hampshire discount.
Memory and Disk Space Last week we gave some background on understanding the terms of measurement that are used to describe memory and storage in computers. Now we tackle the practical application: How much do you need?
Bits, Bytes, and Beyond Computer technology has a lot of lingo, and if you're buying a computer you need to know at least enough to understand the specs. Here's a primer on the basic units of computer storage.
Protect your Computer from Theft There have been several thefts of computers recently, on campus and around town. Don't let it happen to you! By using common sense and a lock, you can save the cost of a new computer. Read on for suggestions.
Spring Cleaning for your Computer We get asked quite a lot about how to best clean a computer. Here are some tips to help you keep the shine on without damaging the components.
Using a Master Password in Thunderbird or Firefox

Recently we told you why we don't like users to save their passwords in Thunderbird or Firefox. If you still want to save your passwords, set up a master password to protect yourself.

Today is World Backup Day! Join the Celebration! OK, so it's not Carnival, you''ll find me celebrating by backing up my work and home computers, just in case April 1 holds any surprises...
Before you Change your Password... We recently sent out an announcement about changes to our password policy. Since then a lot of you have changed passwords and a few of you have run into trouble. Here's what you should know for a smooth transition.
If you Changed your Email Password... ...don't forget to update your other devices, or they won't be getting any email! Read on.
Tabbed Browsing Do you get overwhelmed by the number of windows you open up in your web browser? Using tabs can keep things more manageable.
File Names that Won't Cause Problems File names should be descriptive, but they also must be live within the limitations of file systems. As files are moved from place to place, long or unusual names may become incompatible. Read on for specific tips.
Making Web Browsing a Little Easier on the Eyes If you struggle to read the print on web pages, there's an easy fix for making it larger. You can make it smaller, too, if you're so inclined.
Emptied Email Trash Lately? A recent check indicated that fully 30% of Hampshire's email storage is used for items in the trash. Hmmm. We could probably do something about that...
Fake AVG Malware Threat Well, we knew it was going to happen sooner or later: a new PC virus threat that does a pretty good job of looking like AVG. For details on how to recognize and avoid it, read on.
Backup your Data. Now. Please. When is the last time you backed up your files? If you have to stop and think, it's been too long. Take a few minutes right now to backup your important files, it can save you untold time and trouble in the future.
Don't Fall for the Phish! We're seeing yet another spate of email scams trying to get you to give up your email password. Don't let the phish catch you!
Laptops Really Do Freeze! It's cold outside, which can cause problems for electronic devices. Take a few simple precautions to avoid damaging your tech toys and tools.
Working from Home? VPN Can Help VPN allows you to access Hampshire servers, such as newmisserver, from home. If you're planning to use it you should install and test it before you need it. And with more snow likely to come, best to do it now.
The Importance of Being Updated Microsoft and Apple regularly release software updates to the operating system and applications. These updates are often the delivery mechanism for security patches, and it's important that you install them.

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