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Alumni Guide to the Hampshire Alumni Career Network

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As Hampshire students and recent grads explore options for work and life after Hampshire, alumni like YOU are one of their best resources.

The Hampshire College Alumni Career Network helps facilitate connections between students and alumni, enabling the exchange of ideas and information, and building personal and professional communities. Current Hampshire students and alumni can search for contacts based on location, interests, field of work, and more. Joining the network is a small commitment of your time that could lead to meaningful connections for a student, newer grad, and you!

Reasons to Join
→ Stay connected to the Hampshire community
→ Help students and new grads explore careers and find their way
→ Give back to your alma mater with your time and life experience
→ Gain and share inspiration by talking with interesting students and alumni
→ Network with others in your field

What You Can Contribute
→ Knowledge about your field of work that could be helpful to someone just starting out
→ Information and advice about graduate school
→ Ideas about types of experience that could make someone more qualified for jobs in your field
→ Information about an internship in your organization or related organizations
→ Knowledge about being an entrepreneur or starting a business
→ Tips for someone relocating to your geographic area
→ Referrals to others who might share additional perspectives about your field

How to Sign Up

To start, log in at, and click "My Profile" at the top of the page. This is where you can modify your alumni profile and enable the "Career Network Information" section, indicating that you are willing to be contacted by students or other alumni.

The network will be more vibrant when alumni profiles are complete and up-to-date, so it’s important to take a little time now to look over your profile in general. Below are some pointers on how to opt-in to the network, and which fields to update so your Alumni Career Network profile is a great one:

Add a picture to your profile to enhance the directory’s friendliness

Career Network Information tab
Please fill in ALL fields in this section that apply to you.

→ This is where you can opt-in to the Alumni Career Network. Check the box at the top of the "Career Network Information" tab in your online profile next to "I would like to join the Career Network"

→ The Topics/area(s) of expertise field is linked to a keyword search, so enter any words that might help people with similar interests to find you.

Home Contact tab

  • City
  • State
  • Preferred Email
  • Phone (optional)

Employment tab

  • Vocation (select all that you identify with – past/present/future)
  • Job Title (current)
  • Company Name (current place of employment)

Education tab

  • Grad School name(s) (If any)
  • Other Degree 1 Institution (Name of the school & program, if applicable)
  • Other Degree 1 Year (Year degree was earned)
  • Other Degree 1 (Description of degree, i.e."Master of Arts in Teaching")

Social tab
If you wish, add a link to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, or other social network.

Community Groups
You may also consider joining or starting your own Community Group within Frogbook to connect with other alums or students with shared interests.

How to Participate

You might be contacted by a Hampshire student or alum! You may receive a simple question that you can answer via email, or a request to schedule a phone conversation or informational interview. Respond as soon as you can. If you are too busy at the moment, just say so – or connect them with a colleague or friend who might be able to help.

Some common topics:

• I’m considering entering (your field of employment) and would love to chat with you about your experience.

• I’m moving to (your city) in the spring, do you have any advice?

• I am exploring graduate schools and see you went to (your grad school). I’m considering applying there and would like to talk with you.

About the Program

The Hampshire College Alumni directory is open and available to all current Hampshire students. The Career Options Resource Center offers guidance for students who want to connect with alumni. We hope
this will be a win-win experience for all!

If you have feedback, or are ever unsure how to respond to a student’s email, or have any concerns, please contact us:

Alumni and Family Relations
Career Options Resource Center


Stay In Touch
Snail Mail
Career Options Resource Center
Hampshire College
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