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Funding and Housing for Internships

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Grant funding may be available for your film internship.
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Funding for Internships

Hampshire College offers a small number of grants to support students doing particular kinds of internships. There are also some grants available through outside organizations. Click below for more information:

Internship funding through Hampshire College and outside organizations

Since grant funding for internships is very limited, you should also look into other options, such as:

  • Internships that offer a stipend or salary
  • Internships that offer housing, food, or transportation
  • Doing a part-time internship while earning money at a part-time job
  • Volunteering at an organization over winter break while living at home
  • Asking your family to support you for one summer
  • Doing a semester-long field study, which may save money on tuition and may be partially covered by financial aid

Housing for Internships

Finding free or cheap housing is one of the best ways to make your internship affordable. When considering your housing options, think outside the box.

Consider staying with:

  • Parents
  • Aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends of the family
  • Other Hampshire students' families

Consider offering a service in exchange for free rent:

  • Lawn care/gardening
  • Childcare
  • Cooking/housework
  • Filing/office tasks

If you can't make an arrangement with someone you know, here are some resources to help you find summer housing:

Craigslist For listings in the Amherst area, choose "westernmass" as the city.

Amherst Area
University of Massachusetts Amherst Off-Campus Housing Referral Website
The Hampshire Gazette Classifieds

Interfraternity Council
Suffolk University Summer Housing
Off Campus Cribs
Student City Sublet

New York
NYU Summer Housing
New School Summer Housing
The Webster
Educational Housing Services

Washington, D.C.
American University Summer Housing
George Mason University Summer Housing
George Washington University Summer Housing
Washington Internship Student Housing (WISH)

Did you know?
Film student

Grant funding may be available for your film internship.
Learn more »

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