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Hampshire College and Vermont Law School Environmental Law and Policy Scholarship: Application 2019

Scholarship 2019: Application Information 

You will see that our application closely follows the VLS application. We have asked you to address one additional question, which will be read by the Hampshire-VLS Scholarship Committee only. All other written documents are the same as what are needed by VLS. For more complete information and guidance about the VLS application, go to:

To be considered, submit all of the following documents to the Hampshire-VLS Scholarship Committee by Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 12 p.m. (Noon):

Completed VLS application form (not yet submitted to VLS) for all Master’s and Joint J.D./VLS master’s candidates:

Completed LSAC Law School Application Form (only for those applying for the J.D. or Joint J.D./MELP, J.D./MFALP, or J.D./MERL):

  • You can print this or download it from LSAC at any time, whether or not it is submitted to LSAC. See the info below on the VLS application for info about your decision to submit.

Essays: 2 Required, 2 Optional

Please respond to each of the essay topics separately. Applicants are encouraged to be as forthright and open as possible, and should feel free to discuss unusual circumstances or situations of adversity that may have influenced their current values. Be aware that both the quality of your writing and the thoughtfulness of your answers will be evaluated.

1. Describe the goals that are motivating you to pursue a law, master’s, or dual degree. How do you think the skills and experience you will gain at Vermont Law School will help you achieve those goals?

2. How have you tried to effect change in relation to an issue of personal, local, or national significance?

3. Optional VLS Question: Give a realistic appraisal of your academic work since graduation from high school. Please note any inconsistencies in your record and the reasons for them.

4. Hampshire-only Question: Briefly, why does it make sense to attend this program in 2019, in terms of your career and/or life plans? Only the Hampshire-VLS committee will read your response. If you believe you already answered this fully in your response to Question 1, you can skip this question. Please make sure we understand how this program fits into your goals and life plans at this time.

Test Scores: LSAT score if applying for J.D. or Joint J.D./MELP, J.D./MFALP, J.D./MERL; for master's programs ( MELP, MFALP, or MERL), a GRE or LSAT test score is optional. (Scores from the December 2018 LSAT will be considered if received as soon as they are available via email, in early January 2019.)

Professional Resume or Curriculum Vita 

Two letters of recommendation for admission to VLS: These should be addressed to VLS and refer to your application to VLS as well as to the scholarship, but sent to both and

Official transcript from all institutions you’ve attended: Please allow up to 2 weeks to insure this will be received by the deadline.

Questions? Read more about the Hampshire/VLS Master's and J.D. Scholarship or contact Carin Rank at   

Deadline: Email your application materials to by Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 12 p.m. (Noon)!

Vermont Law School Application

If you are applying to VLS only, we strongly encourage you to wait to submit your application, including the letters of recommendation, to VLS until after you hear if you are being recommended for the VLS scholarship. The committee wants to support you in putting your best application forward and will have valuable feedback for you to consider before submitting; this could also include, although rarely, asking your recommenders to make revisions or edits to their letters in support of you. We expect to make decisions by January 15.

If, however, you are applying to other J.D. programs and need to have your LSAC application submitted earlier, CORC career counselors are happy to give feedback to all candidates on essays or other parts of your application so you can submit to other schools ahead of the Hampshire VLS Scholarship deadline.

The deadline for the Hampshire nominees to submit their applications to the program of their choice at VLS is February 1, 2019. 

Download a printer-friendly PDF of Hampshire-VLS Scholarship information and application instructions.

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