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Share a Job Announcement

Sharing job announcements through CORC is a great way to support job-searching Hampshire students and recent alums.

Post a Job

This page will explain how you can post a job to HampLink, our job and internship database.


If you already have a job announcement prepared, please email it directly to Jena Strong, associate director, at

After you submit your job posting, the CORC staff will post it widely to students and alumni through our listserves, the Hampshire intranet, Facebook (for jobs generally considered entry level), and/or LinkedIn (for jobs requiring more experience). If you don't get any response within a week or so, please contact us! We will be happy to post your position again and/or discuss with you how to catch the attention of Hampshire students and alumni. If you would like to discuss your position before you post it, please contact Jena Strong at 413.559.5520.

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