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Social Action Fund

The Social Action Fund is committed to supporting student initiatives and projects that generate significant social impact, and to aid students in developing a plan of action to enact their ideas.

What is a social action project?

A social action project can have its roots in any field (natural science, social science, humanities and arts, cognitive science, entrepreneurship, design, etc.), but all projects considered by the Social Action Fund committee should have the same basic components:

  • Respectfully engage the community impacted by the project
  • Collaborate with mentors and members of the community
  • Develop a concrete and actionable strategy
  • Include opportunities for reflection
  • Can be implemented with the time frame of the grant

Strong proposal ideas:

  • Real: Identify and address an existing/pressing social problem and/or community need
  • Systemic: Examine and address the root cause of a social problem, or facilitate that process
  • Build: Potential to scale out or up in scope, or be replicated; the project itself can start small, but takes into consideration how the impact can be broadened
  • Innovative/Creative: Demonstrate a new approach or application of an existing model, or engage new communities, etc.
  • Sustainable: Plan can work within its available resources, and/or be implemented or sustain its impact beyond the scope of the award from the Social Action Fund (i.e. culminate in a product or service that can be distributed, work in partnership with other organizations or businesses who will continue to support the initiative, etc.)

Application Process

Please download the PROPOSAL GUIDELINES document with details on what proposals should include, and the process for submitting proposals. An accompanying faculty recommendation is strongly encouraged.

Applications have a ROLLING DEADLINE and will be accepted throughout the year, though there are LIMITED FUNDS. Please contact us to discuss your project and initiate an application  process. 

Submit application materials to:

Ivana Staiti, Assistant Director of Community Partnerships for Social Change (CPSC).

By email, send to, with the subject line: "Social Action Fund Application"


The average award amount is between $300 and $600, although the review committee may award more or less funding at their discretion and depending on funds available.






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