Hampshire Alums

Changemakers: Notable Alumni

Hampshire's take-charge, no-nonsense alums and how they're shaping the world.

Hampshire Alums

An education shaped by a student's own interests produces remarkable results.

Awards and Higher Degrees

The National Science Foundation publishes a census of U.S. colleges that includes data on which college’s alumni are most likely to earn a doctorate degree. Joining Cornell, Dartmouth, and most Ivies, Stanford, and Duke, is Hampshire College, at #39 among the nation’s thousands of colleges.

A quarter of Hampshire alums have started their own business or organization, placing the College at #6 on Forbes’ short list of most entrepreneurial colleges in the nation. After graduation, Hampshire alums are creating platforms for putting their ideas into action, in the form of social ventures, investment firms, advocacy organizations, film companies, art galleries, or creative mashups of those and more.

As undergraduates, one in five who complete a Division III project in science present their work at a peer-reviewed conference. Five percent are lead authors on peer-reviewed journal articles, a remarkable accomplishment for undergraduates.

Twenty-three Fulbright Scholarships in the last nine years places Hampshire alongside the nation’s best schools for these awards.

Two-thirds of graduates earn an advanced degree within ten years of commencement.

Hampshire alums have won Pulitzer and Hillman Prizes and Emmy, Academy, Peabody, and Grammy Awards.

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