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What Distinguishes Hampshire?

Hampshire College

Typical Liberal Arts College

Emphasis on process: habits of mind; skills of research and analysis; various modes of inquiry; and means of communication. Emphasis on content: some knowledge in a variety of fields and in-depth knowledge in a major.
Evaluates student achievement with detailed written evaluations emphasizing individual goals, engagement, intellectual development, growth, and accomplishments. Measures student performance relative to other students using letter or number grades.
All students personalize their majors through close negotiation with two or more members of the faculty of their choosing. Students work with an academic advisor to choose a major and then follow a pre-determined course of study.
All students produce an original, graduate-style project in their senior year through a year-long process and under the close guidance of two or more faculty advisors. Honors students may produce a senior honors thesis in their last semester of college.

Hampshire's differences facilitate remarkable results »

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