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Diversity Committee

The diversity committee, established in the fall of 2007, is a campus-wide governance body. Its membership includes three students (selected by the diversity committee from among nominated candidates), three members of the staff (selected by vote by members of the staff), and five faculty members (one from each of the schools of the College). In addition, the campus affirmative action officer is an ex officio member.

The current charge of the diversity committee is to:

  • Recommend institutional goals relating to diversity.
  • Identify Hampshire's challenges and strong points in achieving these goals.
  • Recommend structures and policies needed in order to overcome challenges and reach goals.
  • Identify priorities among goals.
  • Suggest evaluation methods by which to determine progress in moving towards goals.

Within this broad scope, the committee currently concentrates on four areas: student admissions and financial aid; employee hiring and retention; multicultural education and the academic program; and campus accessibility, openness to diversity, and community development. Each of these topics has been assigned to a subcommittee, each with a specific charge. To read more about each of the subcommittees, click on the links on the left navigation bar.

The current members of the diversity committee are:

  • Dula Amarasiriwardena, professor of chemistry
  • Diana Fernandez, interim dean of students
  • Maddie Marquez, affirmative action officer and director of the Baldwin Program
  • Joanna Morris, associate professor of cognitive science
  • Araiña Muñiz, area coordinator, GE
  • Liza Neal, director of spirtual life
  • Melissa Schied Frantz, assistant dean of students for community advocacy and director of MISS
  • Jutta Sperling, associate professor of history


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