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Faculty Guide on Teaching a Diverse Student Population

Dear friend,

Thanks for taking some time to look through this diversity resource package. In these pages, you will find a number of resources of immense value as we all continue to prepare to welcome a more diverse student population into our campus. The materials you will find here come primarily from two sources: academic articles and commentary written on the topic by the general academic community; and narratives and commentary offered by our own students.

These materials are offered here to facilitate an important conversation we all need to have on a continuing basis. I feel as if none of us has absolute knowledge and expertise on these topics, and the more we continue to work with these topics, the better we will be able to achieve the pedagogical goals we share as an institution. For me, the most exciting part of assembling these materials has been knowing the work we will engage in using them as a guide.

There is a lot of material here for all of us to work with. Some of us might want to look at some of the articles in each section, and return to them periodically. Some others might want to jump directly to a section of particular interest first, and return to others later. I also encourage everyone to look for opportunities to discuss these materials, their implications, and ways of engaging with these topics with colleagues in formal and informal settings. While my office will definitely plan, sponsor, and support this type of opportunities, I hope we will also all look for and organize different ways of engaging with these materials.

The guide first presents general materials on diversity in the classroom; it then continues with separate sections oriented around separate identity-based areas. Keep in mind that the literature on these topics emphasizes how separate identities interweave with and affect each other. The guide continues with personal narratives, some from faculty members at other institutions, and some very important ones from our own students. These student narratives were collected during the summer of 2007, and are part of a package you can find at the website of the office for diversity and multicultural education.

I now conclude this short introduction by thanking Hampshire alum Jessica Kim, who assembled most of these materials during the summer of 2009. Her great work will allow us to continue our diversity work for years to come.

Thanks again for taking some time to look through these materials. I look forward to our conversations on this topic. Also, as you engage with these topics, do send me other materials you might think we can all benefit from, so we can make them available to others.

See you out there,




I. General
     "Addressing Students' Needs," CIRTL article
     "Diversity at the Crossroads," Beckham
     "Diversity and Complexity in the Classroom"
     "Multiculturalism/Diversity/Inclusive Classromm: Teaching for Diverse Populations," Michigan State University 
     "A Multidimensional Approach to Faculty Development: Understanding the Teaching Learning Process". Adams and Marchesani, UMass Amherst.

II. Race
     Timeline - Disorientation Packet
     "Can We Talk?" Arding
     Four chapters from When Race Breaks Out in the Classroom, Fox
     "Embracing a Cross-Racial Dialogue," Tatum

III. Class
     Timeline from Disorientation Packet
     "Social Class and Curriculum," Anderson
     "Confronting Class in the Classroom," Hooks

IV. Queerness
     Trans/gender Checklist - Disorientation Packet
     "Toward A More Queerly Define Multiculturalism," Pagenhart

V. Ability
     Hampshire College Faculty Guide on Working with Students with Disabilities.
     Working Together: Faculty and Students with Disabilities, DO-IT
     Making Accomodations for Students with Disabilities. A guide for Faculty and Graduate Student Instructors, Bierwert

VI. Narratives
     "Ta(ug)t Connections: Experiences of a 'Mixed-Blood, Disabled, Lesbian Student,'" Truame
     "The Pocahontus Paradigm," Ettinger
     Hampshire narratives (6) - Disorientation Packet

VII. From Faculty For Faculty
     "Africana Philosophy," Monahan
     "Que(e)rying Religion," Henking
     "Is Science Multicultural?" Harding
     "Building a Teaching Community: a dialogue," Hooks

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