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Post Bac Programs Leading to Certification

Post-Bac programs are for people who are not on the certification track as undergrads, but who ultimately want to teach in public schools and want to be certified. These programs usually combine some type of mentored teaching experience with a master's program.

Citizens School of Boston

Lesley University

The Stanwich School

The New Teachers Collaborative (Devens, Ma)

Apprentice Teaching Program at St. Paul's School

National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

National Center For Alternative Certification, Teach Now

Teaching at an Independent School

If you don't want to pursue certification, or want to try teaching before making the commitment to a master's program, here some good sites to explore for job openings/job placement:

National Association of Independent Schools (Career Center)

Cal West Educators Placement

Southern Teachers Agency

Carney Sandoe & Associates