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The Community-Centered Approach

The Hampshire College Early Learning Center is committed to building strong connections between families and the center. To this end, we offer many opportunities for parental involvement in the school. Parents are asked to attend evening meetings and contribute to work days.

In addition, parents are asked to contribute an average of two hours per month in the form of a volunteer job. These jobs take the form of serving on one of a variety of committees, including diversity, parent advisory, staff appreciation, and fundraising.

Parents are encouraged to participate in playground work days two times a year, enhancing the charm of our outdoor play space and connecting with other parents. Parents are also asked to contribute their individual skills to enrich the center, in the form of science; arts; cooking; music; reading stories; teaching songs in various languages (Spanish, Mandarin, German); construction projects with children; or teacher training (working with clay, special needs, computers).

We also organize events for parents to get to know each other and their families. Informal drop-in morning coffees at The Center and events outside of school (picnics, home get-togethers) help bring families together and construct community.

The immense learning opportunities shared by our families helps create a rich, more complete program for our Early Learning Center community.

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