Experimental Program in Education and Community (EPEC)

EPEC was founded in 1995 as a way to support and promote student-initiated work not otherwise represented within the academic structure of the College. It is currently a program allowing students, faculty, staff, or other community members to conceive and organize classes not offered at Hampshire College.

EPEC also acts as a strong voice on campus to advocate for the institutional support of alternative educational models and the continued inclusion of independent work within Hampshire's curriculum.

For more information on EPEC program please check out EPEC's HampEngage site or email the EPEC Coordinator at epec@hampshire.edu.

*DISCLAIMER: EPEC courses are co-curricular activities taught by Hampshire community members (i.e. students, faculty, staff, and alums) that do not fulfill Division I course requirements. Evaluations submitted to the central records office will be listed on the student's record as evaluated Learning Activities. These may, with committee approval, be included in a student's Division II portfolio. With approval of the Division III committee, facilitating an EPEC class may satisfy the requirements for a Division III Advanced Educational Activity as long as it is planned with and evaluated by a Hampshire faculty member. The other advanced educational activity must be an advanced-level course or TA.*