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Falguni A. Sheth

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Political Theory
Falguni A. Sheth

Falguni A. Sheth, associate professor of philosophy and political theory, holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy. She works in the areas of continental philosophy, political philosophy and legal theory, critical race theory and philosophy of race, post-colonial, theory, and sub-altern and gender studies.

Sheth has published numerous articles and two books, Race, Liberalism, and Economics (coedited, U. Michigan Press, 2004) and Toward a Political Philosophy of Race (SUNY Press, 2009). Her most recent book argues that racial divisions are fundamental to polities, and argues this point through the examples by exploring the situation of Muslims and Arabs, the caste system, the practice of veiling, and the history of liberalism.

Professor Sheth's current research is philosophy of race and political philosophy; specifically, in exploring diasporic subjects and the dynamics of intragroup and transnational political identities; the nature of political obligations to those inside and outside the polity; the emergence and legal construction of Punjabi-Mexicans at the turn of the 20th century; and the metaphysics of misrecognition. Sheth has served on the Immigrant Rights Commission of San Francisco; Hampshire College's Board of Trustees, and is an organizer of the California Roundtable for Philosophy and Race.

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