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Laurie Nisonoff

Professor of Economics

Laurie Nisonoff, professor of economics, holds a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an M.Phil. from Yale University, where she was a doctoral candidate.

She was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, recipient of a Ford Foundation Fellowship in women's studies, and in 1993-94 a fellow of the Five Colleges Women's Studies Research Center.

She has been an editor of the Review of Radical Political Economics, recently editing a special issue on "Women in the International Economy" and another in Urban Political Economy. She is a co-editor of The Women, Gender and Development Reader (ZED 1997).

Her teaching and research interests include women and economic development; U.S. labor and economic history; women's studies; labor and community studies; and public policy issues.

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Professor Nisonoff will be on sabbatical leave for academic year 2013-2014.

School of Critical Social Inquiry

Recent and Upcoming Courses
CSI-0230/HACU-0230: Controversies in U.S. Economic and Social History (Spring 2013)
CSI-0294: Advanced Readings in Work, Gender and Development (Fall 2012)
CSI-0311: Women and Work (Spring 2012)
CSI-119T: Third World, Second Sex: Does Economic Development Enrich or Impoverish Women's Lives? (Fall 2011)


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Laurie Nisonoff
Professor of Economics
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