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Assistant Professor of Asian Religions

Rafal K Stepien

Rafal Stepien
Rafal K Stepien
Assistant Professor of Asian Religions
Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies
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Rafal K. Stepien
Writing Resource Center 2nd Floor, Room D
On Leave Fall 2017, Spring 2018
Rafal K Stepien is the Assistant Professor of Asian Religions at Hampshire College. He holds Bachelor degrees in English and Philosophy from the University of Western Australia and in Chinese from Oxford, a Masters in Persian from Cambridge, and a Doctorate in East Asian Religion from Columbia.

Rafal K Stepien is a scholar of religion, philosophy, and literature. His research is inter-disciplinary, cross-regional, and poly-glottic, ranging among Buddhist and Islamic philosophical and literary texts from East, South, and West Asia. His primary field of expertise is Chinese and Sanskrit Buddhist thought, but he cultivates a complementary interest in Islamic thought composed in Arabic and Persian.

In addition to his degrees, Stepien has conducted further formal studies at Harvard, Bologna, Damascus, Esfehan, and Peking Universities, and has been a visiting researcher at Cambridge, Tehran, Hong Kong, and Fo Guang Universities, as well as the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies and Dharma Drum Buddhist College in Taiwan. Stepien was the Soudavar Memorial Research Scholar in Persian Studies at Cambridge, the inaugural Cihui Foundation Faculty Fellow in Chinese Buddhism at Columbia, and is currently (2016 – 2018) the inaugural Berggruen Research Fellow in Indian Philosophy at Oxford.

Stepien’s scholarship, ranging among topics as diverse as Chinese and Indian Buddhist philosophy, Chinese Buddhist poetry and literary theory, and Persian Sufi poetics, have been published or are forthcoming in peer-reviewed journals such as Interdisciplinary Literary Studies, Oriens, and the Journal of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, as well as in edited books from Oxford, Chicago, and Dialog. He has presented conference papers to the American Academy of Religion, American Philosophical Association, American Comparative Literature Association, Modern Language Association, Association for Asian Studies, and Australasian Association of Buddhist Studies, and has delivered invited talks at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Fo Guang Universities. His work has won major awards from multi-disciplinary institutions such as the Mellon, Soudavar, Cihui, and Chiang Ching-kuo Foundations; Institute for Religion, Culture, & Public Life; Modern Language Association; Association for Asian Studies; Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies; and Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

As the Assistant Professor of Asian Religions at Hampshire College, Stepien will concentrate his teaching on Buddhist philosophy and literature, though he looks forward to offering courses also in comparative religion, theory and methodology, Islamic studies, and beyond. He welcomes students from across the Five College Buddhist Studies Certificate Program, and looks forward to supervising Hampshire students’ Advanced Independent Study Projects in a wide range of fields.

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