Associate Professor of South Asian Studies and History

Uditi Sen

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Hampshire College Professor Uditi Sen
Uditi Sen
Associate Professor of South Asian Studies and History
Critical Social Inquiry
On Leave Fall 2018, Spring 2019
Uditi Sen, associate professor of South Asian Studies and History, received her B.A. from Presidency College, Kolkata and her M.A. from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. She completed a Ph.D. in istory from the University of Cambridge in 2009.

Uditi's research interests include state-society relations in independent India, the gendered nature of governance, and the complex relationship between displacement and development. Through micro-histories of rehabilitation policies she explores how categories and discourses of governance have impinged upon the lives of vulnerable citizens. Oral historical research forms a vital component of her work, which enables her to give prominence to perspectives "from below" and investigate the interface between memory and identity.

Her forthcoming book, entitled Citizen Refugee: Forging the Indian Nation after Partition, explores how the independent government of India demanded that refugees from Pakistan perform the role of agents of post-colonial development in order to access rehabilitation benefits. This particular policy orientation led to the marginalization of women and placed upon dalit refugees the disproportionate burden of enacting the agenda of Nehruvian development in "backward" regions of the country. Her publications include the essays "Dissident memories: Exploring Bengali refugee narratives in the Andaman Islands," published in an edited volume on Refugees and the End of Empire: Imperial Collapse and Forced Migration during the Twentieth Century (Palgrave McMillan, 2011) and a forthcoming essay in Modern Asian Studies entitled "The myths refugees live by: Memory and history in the making of refugee identity."

At present she is working on the manuscript of a Bengali book, entitled Deshbhager Prantakatha (Voices from the Margins of a Divided Country) based on her interviews with Bengali refugees in the Andaman Islands.

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