Livestock and Pasture Manager

Pete Solis

Pete joined the Farm Center staff in the fall of 2014. Before coming to Hampshire College, Pete owned and operated Mockingbird Farm in Easthampton, Massachusetts, a pasture-based livestock operation focused on humanely raising heritage breeds of cattle, chickens, hogs, and turkeys. Here at Hampshire, Pete enjoys working with students and finding synergies between the livestock and vegetable production programs. In 2015, Pete re-introduced a meat CSA as a companion to the College’s thriving organic vegetable CSA, and consequently became very popular with bacon lovers across campus. Pete serves on the board of CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) and is interested in increasing local and regional meat production and infrastructure. When he's not working, Pete enjoys baking and cooking, reading, playing board games, and spending time with his family.

Pete is often accompanied by a large and lovable St. Bernard named Atticus, who enjoys drooling, following Pete around, and being petted by students.

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