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Blogs from the Field: 2007-08

These blogs were written by students studying abroad in the 2007-08 academic year. If any links are broken, please email us at Go here to see blogs by students currently studying abroad.

Amherst to Edinburgh
A collaborative blog effort by Nateene Diu and Don Everhart as they study abroad at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Don is studying philosophy of science while Nateene concentrates on art history and museum studies.

Don and Nateene were Div II students studying in Edinburgh through Hampshire Exchange in Scotland (Spring '08).

Dani's Weblog Abroad
Danielle Slabaugh is studying in South Africa at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in Durban for the semester. Dani is a Div II student concentrating on community-based education and empowerment through the arts. In addition to taking courses at the university, she is involved in a service-learning project with an organization called Street-Wise Durban. Dani continues her blog while "WWOOFing" in France over the summer.

Dani was a Div II student on Field Study while studying in Durban, South Africa (Spring '08). 

Open For Suggestions
Jill Erwich blogs abroad during her semester as a visiting student studying photography at Goldsmiths College in London, England.

Nero Burning London Bridges
Vincent Banzaca blogs abroad while studying film and video production in London, England. At Goldsmiths College, he is participating in the studio practice course, which enables students to develop their own artwork through exploring select media and approaches.

Jill and Vinny studied abroad at Goldsmiths as Div II students on Hampshire Exchange in England (Spring '08).

Sam Verran's Photoblog: China
Raphael Franca's Photoblog: China

Sam and Raphael studied abroad as Div II students in Hefei on Hampshire Exchange in China (Spring '08).

Rethinking Globalization
Emma Jones blogs about her experience studying abroad with the International Honors Program in Rethinking Globalization: Nature, Culture, and Justice. Participating in this two-semester around-the-world comparative program, she will travel from the United States to Britain, Tanzania, India, New Zealand, and Mexico studying issues of globalization, ecological sustainability, and social justice.

From Fall '07-Spring '08 Emma was a Div II student on Field Study with the International Honors Program. IHP offers a unique set of theme-based, multi-country study abroad programs designed with a comparative approach that allows students to contrast and analyze thematic issues on a global scale.

Hampshire Alum and Fulbright Scholar Photographing Youth Culture in Vietnam
Jamie Maxtone-Graham (S'80) moved to Vietnam on a Fulbright research grant (2007-2008) and will remain there indefinitely after the grant concludes. He has shot numerous films (features and documentaries) in Vietnam and is available as a resource for Hampshire students interested in this industry as well as in the country and region. ( 

Stranger in a Strange Land
Lynne Powers blogs abroad during her semester as a visiting student in London. Her Div II academic focus was on cultural studies and writing.

Lynne studied at Goldsmiths College on Hampshire Exchange in England (Fall '07).

OutsideInsider: Japan
Samuel Ross is a Div III student with a concentration in broadcast journalism and Japanese language and culture. In terms of cultural studies, his focus is on concepts of "foreignness" in relation to Japan and within Japanese society, such as (for example) orientalism and concepts of uchi/soto (inside/outside) that have been used to describe social dynamics in Japanese culture. (Sam's blog is no longer online.)

Sam went on Field Study (Fall '07) to study at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. His abroad experience was financially supported by the receipt of both the Freeman-ASIA Award and The Bridging Scholarship.

A Telling Collective Blog: South Africa and Tanzania
Katelin Wilton and Nicole le Roux will share their experiences using body mapping in southern and east Africa. These two young women are converging their studies at Hampshire College through this initiative, spending June-December in southern and eastern Africa learning, exploring, and working to adapt storytelling tools.

Katelin and Nicole are Div II students who have self-designed an independent Field Study abroad. For more information about these young women, their proposal, and the Telling Collective Initiative, check out their Web site Kukummi

Stories from Sydney: Australia
"One desperate and lost American's literary masterpiece wherein he describes the life and death struggles he encounters... studying at Macquarie University..."

Jonathan Fanning studied abroad in Fall '07 on Hampshire Exchange in Australia. His Div II concentration was cognitive neurobiology.

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