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Blogs from the Field: 2010-2011

These blogs were written by students studying abroad in the 2010-11 academic year. If any links are broken, please email us at Go here to see blogs by students currently studying abroad.

Spring 2011

I Live Here!
A blog post written by Hampshire student Molly Enking about her experiences studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. Molly is on field study through CET's Central European Studies Program. She is a Div II student concentrating in art and social change.

Je Suis en Pamplemousse
While on Hampshire Exchange in Paris, Mia Metivier writes honestly about living independently, studying, and adjusting culturally to life in France. Mia is a Div II student studying sociology and political science at Sciences Po. 

Six Months of Berlin
Martin Medicus blogs about navigating life in Berlin, learning the German language, and adjusting to German culture while on Hampshire's Exchange Program in Berlin. He is a Div II student concentrating in economics and applied mathematics.

Beam Me Up, Scotland
A "shamelessly awkward and nerdy" third-year student, Emily Leader, posts pictures and stories about her semester abroad on Hampshire's Exchange Program in Edinburgh. Emily is a Div II student studying religion and culture at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

While on Hampshire Exchange in Havana, Cuba, RJ Sakai writes (as much as possible) about his experiences, his independent project, and adjusting to a "departure from the usual." As a Div II student, RJ is working on an independent project that examines tourism in Cuba through the eyes of tourists, locals, and his own perceptions.  

Fall 2010

Agnykari's Adventures
A naive 23-year-old in an unfamiliar world, Hampshire alum Jonathan Fanning (05F) writes about his adventures while living in Kathmandu, Nepal. Jonathan has been assisting with research on the cognitive models that culturally Tibetan people create regarding their environment, and how these are changing with the effects of climate change.

Grace Donahue blogs from down under while on Hampshire Exchange in Australia. She is a Div II student studying history, ethnography, and ecology at Macquarie University.

The Electric Brain
James Eberhard is a Div II student studying Mandarin, Chinese calligraphy, and Baguazhang (martial arts) at AAU in Hefei while on Hampshire Exchange in China.

Four Months in Praha
Rachel Stiles chronicles her journeys traveling in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland while on field study through the School for International Training (SIT). She is a Div II student studying the arts and communism in the scope of the Velvet Revolution.

Updates from an Artsy-Green Type in China
While on Hampshire Exchange in China, Archie Zietman writes cleverly about his impressions and experiences. He is a Div II student studying culturally and environmentally sustainable design at AAU in Hefei, China.

Reality Equation
Web designer, musician, writer, traveler, and Div II student Parimal Satyal posts updates, videos, and photos from Paris while on Hampshire Exchange in France at Sciences Po. Parimal is studying interactive media and foreign languages during his semester abroad. 


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