GEO See(n) Photo Contest 2016-2017

Photo by Aidan Owens Photo by Alexa Wolf Photo by Cray Novick Photo by Eva Black Photo by Jennifer Pena Photo by Lorren Grabarek Photo by Max Rea Photo by Michael Fizdale Photo by Owen Cobey Photo by Ryan Rogers

Thank you to all students who submitted photos to the 2016 GEO See(n) Photo Contest! The finalist photographers and the sites of their study abroad experiences are listed below. Thank you for inspiring Hampshire to see as you have see(n).

2016 Finalists

Aidan Owens | ThisWorldMusic University of Massachusetts Amherst Short-term Course | Ghana

Alexa Wolf | School for Field Studies Center for Wildlife Management Studies | Rhotia, Tanzania

Cray Novick | Hampshire in Havana, Cuba | Havana, Cuba

Eva Black | Danish Institute of Study Abroad (DIS) Child Development and Diversity Program | Copenhagen, Denmark

Jennifer Peña | Hampshire in Havana, Cuba | Havana, Cuba

Lorren Grabarek | Self-designed field study | New Zealand

Max Rea | Self-designed field study | Accra, Ghana

Michael Fizdale | China/Washington D.C.

Owen Cobey | Duke University Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies | Rome, Italy

Ryan Rogers | Super 8 Filmmaking in Paris | Paris, France

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