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Hampshire's mission is to provide students with an understanding of the multicultural nature of our world and the necessity for responsible leadership within it. As part of that goal, the global education office (GEO) encourages every Hampshire student to consider study in the international community.

The global education office (GEO) at Hampshire College has a strong commitment to cultural and community immersion, and strives to provide a coherent vision of education for global citizenship. Through the study of language and culture at home and through firsthand experience in communities worldwide, international education at Hampshire College can serve as a resource for intellectual discovery, personal and professional growth, and multicultural awareness.

Study Abroad

Hampshire has several outstanding programs and is continually investigating new, exciting, and challenging opportunities for innovative international programming. The global education office offers in-depth advising and maintains an extensive collection of information on overseas educational opportunities, including study and independent research programs; volunteer and community-based learning; internships; and scholarship and fellowship programs in our resource library. GEO encourages students to take advantage of unparalleled international offerings available to them and to speak with staff members about individual interests. Faculty members also serve as a resource for students, as they can recommend specific programs and/or academic colleagues abroad.


The global education office also champions campus internationalization efforts. GEO staff work with faculty to support international collaborations; enhance existing programs; further integrate international perspectives into the curricula; and develop new opportunities for exchange and study abroad. Hampshire supports faculty in their efforts to do research with international grant opportunities. The College encourages cross-cultural experiences for faculty and tries to facilitate their professional relationships abroad, resulting in enhanced curricular offerings and international course content. In turn, the diverse international students and scholars sponsored by GEO contribute to the stimulating environment on campus and provide a unique perspective in the classroom.

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