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Study Abroad and Domestic Options

  10 Steps for Studying Abroad
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Whether it's a study abroad program, an internship, your own independent research project, or any other academic pursuits done off campus, this GEO Guide (pdf) will help you go where you want to go.


The global education office (GEO) offers exciting, affordable opportunities that fit into Hampshire's divisional process. Students, in consultation with their academic advisors, can choose from a wide range of educational possibilities all over the world.

Studying abroad or off-campus is a fantastic way to integrate academic work and real world experience. These experiences may also be used to satisfy the Community Engaged Learning requirement (CEL-2) or Multiple Cultural Perspectives requirement during Division II, or included as an Advanced Educational Activity during Division III.

Below is an overview of your options as a Hampshire student. Whatever option you pursue, remember to visit our Finances and Funding page for further information and resources about study abroad costs and scholarships.

Hampshire Exchange
Several Hampshire Exchange Programs run each semester in a variety of international and domestic locations. These programs have either been designed by Hampshire faculty or were created through an affiliation with an academic institution and offer a variety of opportunities for language study, community engagement, coursework at an international institution, internships, and more! With approval from your committee and advisor, your enrollment in semester exchange will be accepted as a substantial part of your divisional work and counted as if you had been at Hampshire for the semester.

Division II and 1st semester Division III students are eligible to participate. In addition, students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to qualify for a semester of exchange.

Students who participate in a Hampshire Exchange program are charged Hampshire College tuition for that semester. Room, board, and other fees vary by program; see details for each program at Hampshire Exchange Programs or contact the global education office. Financial aid students who enroll in exchange are able to continue to receive aid; see the financial aid office's website for more information about the specifics of financial aid for Hampshire Exchange. Travel stipends may be awarded to offset the cost of airfare. Visas, books, and spending money are the responsibility of the student.

Semester Field Study
All other off-campus semester programs and opportunities fall into the Field Study category. Students work with their faculty committees to devise a field study (international or domestic) most applicable to the student's concentration. This may mean enrollment in an overseas university or with a study abroad program provider. It might also take the form of a self-designed semester of field research or internship. Academic credit will apply to your course of study; however, your committee and advisor's consent is still necessary. The GEO offers extensive advising and resource support to assist students in identifying international field study opportunities.

Division II and 1st semester Division III students are eligible to participate. In addition, students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to qualify for a semester of field study.

Students are responsible for a field study fee equivalent to one-third of a Hampshire semester's tuition (refer to Student Financial Services for fees), plus the cost of your program of interest. Hampshire-issued aid is applicable to the field study fee, but cannot be used to cover outside program fees. All other aid (state, federal, and/or private) is transferable, but you should check with your program provider for details regarding what types of aid they are able to accept. Please visit the financial aid office's website for details on how to apply for financial aid for field study.

Hampshire Short-Term Field Courses (January and May/Summer)
These intensive academic programs generally last between two and three weeks, are designed around a particular area of study, and are a great way to enhance one's academic program or explore a new area of interest. They are led by Hampshire faculty and vary each year. The summer Chinese intensive language program (4 or 8 weeks) also falls into this category. Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to participate in a short-term field course.

In general, students across all Divisions can apply to Hampshire's Short-Term Field Courses. Courses specific requirements may apply. In addition, students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to qualify for a Short-Term Field Course. 

Costs vary for each course and each year a course is offered. A limited amount of need-based financial aid is awarded by Hampshire through the global education office to offset program costs (not including airfare). Visit Short-Term Field Courses to see information about costs for each program.

Other January Term and Summer Options
Many students opt to do internships, language learning, study programs, or other learning activities abroad during January Term or during the summer. How these outside learning experiences might be incorporated into a student's Division II or Division III portfolio may be negotiated with the student's faculty committee. For more information on the process of documenting outside learning experiences, please refer to the central records website.

Aside from field-specific grants offered by the individual schools or on-campus programs or offices (such as summer grants from CPSC, CORC, and CLPP), Hampshire does not grant financial aid to non-Hampshire sponsored January and summer programs. The global education office does not offer scholarships, funding, or financial aid for any program except for Hampshire's Short-Term Field Courses and Exchange Programs


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