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Special Diets

If you have special eating habits, are committed to a particular way of eating (vegetarian, vegan, kosher, macrobiotic, etc.), or have health issues or food allergies that necessitate a special diet, you will need to research your study abroad destination carefully before assuming that the food you need will be available. Also, it is important keep in mind that in many areas of the world certain special diets, such as vegetarian, are not common and in some cases, not eating food that has been prepared for you, even if for dietary reasons, is considered rude.

You can prevent potential misunderstandings and ensure that your dietary needs are met by learning in advance as much as you can about the culture you will be living in. You should also contact your study abroad program administrator to discuss any concerns you may have and to explore programs that can accommodate your dietary needs.

Being flexible, whenever possible, about what you eat will make your study abroad experience more enriching: Sharing in the local cuisine is an important way of gaining an understanding of a culture.


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