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Funds to Which You Can Contribute

30th Anniversary Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program Fund

The Civil Liberties and Public Policy program (CLPP) inspires, educates, trains, and supports new activists and leadership to secure reproductive freedom, justice, and sexual rights for everyone. The CLPP program achieves this through projects that include classes, an annual conference, paid summer internships, an emerging leaders network, a student activist group, and a newsletter.

Baldwin Scholars Program Endowment

Established in honor of former Five College faculty member James Baldwin, this fund supports the James Baldwin Scholars Program, which provides scholarships to talented students from underserved communities who would benefit from a transition year before college in which to improve general academic skills and prepare for the rigor of college studies.

Bradford College Alumni Scholarship Endowment

The Bradford Alumni Scholarship is awarded to Hampshire students each year in need of financial aid. Bradford College traced its origins to Bradford Academy, which was founded in 1803. Bradford began educating post-secondary students in 1932, when it opened its doors as Bradford Junior College, a women's college. It became coeducational Bradford College in 1971. The school was closed in 2000, and in late 2007, the remaining endowment of $3.6 million was awarded to Hampshire College.

Charley Richardson Award Fund

This award, established by his family, classmates, and friends, honors the memory and example of Charley Richardson, a member of the first class of Hampshire College students. Open to any currently enrolled Hampshire student, the award provides an opportunity to pursue a summer or divisional research project or internship in an area of study central to Charley's philosophy, ideals, and activism.

Cognitive Science Endowment

Supports student and faculty research projects in cognitive science and maintenance and upgrades of laboratory equipment and facilities.

Community Scholars Fund for Educational Opportunity Endowment

The Community Scholars Fund provides grants for tuition, room, and board at Hampshire College to promising students with the greatest financial need.

Culture, Brain, and Development Program Student Research Endowment Fund

A gift to the CBD Student Research Endowment Fund, established in 2013, will help to provide a sustainable source of funds to allow CBD to continue to directly support students working at the intersections of culture, mind/brain, and human growth and development. CBD grants are open to students in any field at any divisional stage whose work connects these areas of inquiry, by supporting internships and research placements, divisional projects, and independent research and participation in professional conferences. The CBD Student Research Endowment Fund will make it possible for the CBD program to continue to give Hampshire students access to unparalleled opportunities as they pursue their research questions while working alongside scholars in many fields and at research sites and laboratories across the globe.

David E. Smith Endowment

Established in honor of retired faculty member David Smith, the endowment supports additional programming in American Studies in particular and the school of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies in general.

Denice O'Neill Scholarship Endowment

The annual Division III fellowships support student research on topics that passionately interested Denice O'Neill (85F), a Hampshire student who died tragically in the 1988 crash of Pan Am flight 103 as she was returning from Nigeria, where she had conducted Division III research. In addition, the fund supports a Fall Speaker Colloquium for which alums working in the sciences are invited to give presentations and meet with natural science students.

The Earl Ubell Memorial Science Information Award

The Earl Ubell Grant program recognizes and supports exceptional student work that in some way seeks to make science, scientific method, and scientific findings accessible to non-scientists and popular audiences.

Elaine Mayes Endowment

Supports Division III student projects in film, photography, and video.

Emergency Fund for High-Need Students

The Emergency Fund offsets the escalating need for one-time or temporary grants to income-eligible students experiencing a personal or family hardship in need of travel funds, lodging, etc.

Eqbal Initiative Endowment

Eqbal Ahmad Initiative Endowment was established in honor of retired faculty member Eqbal Ahmad, and supports the annual Eqbal Ahmad lecture, which brings a distinguished visitor to the College each year to address issues that have engaged Eqbal's life work, such as imperialism and social justice.

Faculty Development Endowment

Supports professional development for faculty members.

Farm Center Endowment

The Farm Center Fund supports the operations of the farm center.

The First Network: Supporting 1st Generation Student Success

FIRST is a network that aims to support the holistic well-being of first-generation college students at Hampshire college by fostering a sense of community.

Greg and Toni Prince Scholarship Endowment

Established in honor of former president Gregory Prince and his wife Toni, provides support to Division II and III students for their academic projects.

Jerome Liebling Memorial Fund

Established to honor Jerome Liebling's life and legacy as a pioneering photographer, filmmaker, and teacher. This endowed fund will provide opportunities for Hampshire College alumni with expertise in the academic and professional areas Professor Liebling mentored and taught to share their professional work and experiences with students, faculty, and the greater Hampshire community. It will support classroom and laboratory experiences and provide Hampshire students with opportunities to supplement their studies through participation in specialized workshops, seminars, and other means of engagement. The Liebling Memorial Fund will also support ongoing renewal and modernization of the Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video.

Jill Lewis Fund

The Jill Lewis Fund will provide support for the James Baldwin Scholars Endowment. The seminal and inspirational activist, essayist, novelist, and playwright James Baldwin taught at Hampshire during the years just before his death and the James Baldwin Scholars Program was established in his honor. It forms part of Hampshire’s initiative to support promising students from underserved communities, where lack of resources disadvantage young people from pursuing higher education.

Jonathan Levin Endowment

Established in honor of Jonathan Levin, son of trustee emeritus Gerald Levin. This endowed memorial scholarship supports students from a public New York City high school. Jonathan Levin was a public school teacher who believed in community service, the capacity of individuals to make a difference, and the potential of youth.

Justine Salton Memorial Endowment

Established in memory of Justine Salton 90F, this fund supports the Division III research of women students. Preference will be given to those working in evolutionary biology or related fields, but applications from women working in other areas of the sciences are also welcome.

Kyker-Snowman Outdoor Leader Endowment

Established in honor of former staff member Kathy Kyker-Snowman, the endowment supports women students who are training to become outdoor leaders.

Larry Beede Southwest Studies Scholarship Endowment

The Larry Beede Scholarship Fund was established to support academic work by Hampshire students in the greater southwest, including the U.S. Southwest and Mexico. The Larry Beede Scholarship Fund supports students in a variety of ways, including research, independent projects, fieldwork, and travel.

Lemelson Center Program Fund

The Lemelson Center provides an experiential learning environment for students working in the areas of applied design; appropriate technology; social entrepreneurship; and art and technology. The center provides students with the education, experience, opportunities, and facilities to make a positive difference to underserved people worldwide through design and innovation for social change.

Lorna and Ray Coppinger Endowment

Established in 2006, in honor of retired faculty member Ray Coppinger and his wife Lorna, both pioneers in the field of animal behavior, supports student research in animal behavior, cognitive science, and related fields. The fund supports student and student-faculty collaborative research in the cognitive and biological sciences. Proposals that concern animal behavior, comparative cognition, evolution, ecology, or environmental science are given priority, but the program is not restricted to these areas.

Lowry-Bruno-McNeil Endowment

Established in honor of professors Nancy Lowry, Merle Bruno, and Ann McNeil to support faculty and student projects, curricular innovations, partnerships, and events to provide educational opportunities and professional mentoring for underrepresented groups in science.

Music Lesson Endowment Fund

Provides support for students concentrating in music to take music lessons.

Music Program Endowment

Supports music program equipment needs, additional courses, curriculum development, adjunct faculty costs, and other expenses as they arise.

Nansi and Leonard Glick Library Endowment

Established by retired faculty member Leonard Glick and his wife Nansi to support the purchase of books and other information resources in the area of social justice for women and children, particularly in the Americas.

OPRA Endowment

Supports the participation by students of limited financial means in Outdoors Program/Recreational Athletics courses.

Franklin Patterson Book Endowment

Established in memory of Hampshire College founding president Franklin Patterson to purchase books about education.

Penina Glazer Book Fund Endowment

Established in honor of retired faculty member Penina Glazer, the endowment supports the purchase of books and other information resources in the field of history.

Slater-Smith Faculty Development Program Fund

Established in honor of founding members of the faculty Miriam Slater and David Smith, who helped to establish a model of education at Hampshire College that incorporated not only inspired teaching in the humanities and women's studies, but also encouraged the active involvement of the faculty with the lives of their students. This fund supports junior members of the faculty who teach in the humanities, literature, history, and women's studies. The award is intended to supplement other outside grants or Hampshire faculty development funds in the hope that the recipients may have the possibility of extending the period of their initial leave or undertake travel and research.

Sander R. Thoenes Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The endowment, established in memory of Sander R. Thoenes, provides annual awards to students pursuing senior project work (Division III's) in the areas of journalism and international and peace studies. Scholarships support student travel and research.

Staff Development Endowment

Supports professional development for staff members.

Tim Harkness Endowment for Invention

This fund was established in memory of Timothy Harkness (70F), who dedicated many years to innovative work in solar energy systems as well as to creative design of tools, kites, and furniture. The Harkness Fund provides grants for innovative work in applied design and invention, especially in areas of sustainability and renewable energy.

Tom Joslin Endowment

The income from this endowed fund, established in memory of faculty member Tom Joslin, supports student internships in the entertainment industry and Division III film/video projects.

Undocumented Student Scholarship Fund

A new scholarship and endowment at Hampshire College will provide funding for undocumented students accepted into the school. The endowment was created to provide upwards of $25,000 in financial aid per year to assist students with undocumented immigrant citizenship status who have been accepted into Hampshire. These are students who were brought to this country as babies or young children and attended U.S. schools, but, because they were not born here, do not have official citizenship status.

If you have any questions about these funds or additional ways to support Hampshire College, please feel free to contact Cheri Butler.

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